Weltool F11R“Dragon from Forest” Rechargeable long-range LED flashlight

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The F11R is a rechargeable long-range LED flashlight with a patented USB-C charging structure. It uses two 22500 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and can also be equipped with an additional BB11 extension tube to use two 21700 batteries to increase battery life. At full power output, it has 2,100 lumens, 443,852 candela, a long-range distance of 1,332 meters, and a strobe function. The side switch has a battery indicator light, and the charging port has a charging indicator light. The flashlight has a switch lock function to prevent accidental touches. The front end of the flashlight body can be equipped with a Weltool PM2 or PM23 mount to facilitate the installation of the flashlight on a scope or shotgun. It is suitable for outdoor search, rescue, hunting and other purposes.


6000 series aluminum alloy CNC machined, hard anodized surface

Aluminum alloy reflector, coated tempered glass lens, stainless steel bezel

Single high-power white light X-LED light source

The flashlight has battery over-discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, low voltage reminder function, and low voltage cut-off protection function

Full power mode has overheat protection function; the flashlight has no flicker, no noise, and low standby power

15W fast charging with intelligent charging current adjustment and adaptive adapter load function

Patented USB charging structure, waterproof and dustproof; the USB port waterproof cover has a magnet, which can be attached to the flashlight body or metal

Includes 2 22500 lithium-ion batteries, or purchase a BB11 extension tube to use 2 21700 lithium-ion batteries (Weltool INR21-60 is recommended)

LF65Y yellow filter (Need to buy separately) can quickly switch the white light beam of the F11R to yellow light, 

IP67, can be used in heavy rain

This flashlight has passed the 1-meter drop test

Each flashlight has an independent serial number

Weight: 379±1g (without battery)

Dimensions (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 65.3mm, (body diameter) 25.5-30mm, (2*22500 length) 210.5mm, (2*21700 length) 250mm

Included: two INR22-24 22500 lithium-ion batteries, Type-C charging cable, O-ring

Operation Instructions:


1.First, use the correct battery. This product can only use 2 lithium-ion batteries.

2.The flashlight has a polarity protection function. If it does not work, please check the battery in time.

3.Quickly press the switch to turn the flashlight on or off. There is a power indicator on the switch button.

4.After turning on the flashlight, when you press and hold the switch, the flashlight will automatically switch to different modes. Release the switch to select the current mode and keep it on; in the Off state or any mode, quickly double-click to enter the full power mode, and quickly triple-click to turn on Strobe. After the flashlight is turned off, it will remember the mode before turning it off (but not full power and strobe).

5.At the moment of powering on or during use, the power indicator will turn on (green light when the power is sufficient, red light when the power is low, and the indicator will automatically turn off after 5 seconds); when the power is very low, the red light will keep flashing, and the main light of the flashlight will also flash, and then it will stop working at any time.

6.The power can also be detected when the flashlight is locked. Press the switch once and the power indicator will turn on.

7.There is a charging status indicator on the charging port. The red light means charging and the green light means it is fully charged.

8.After multiple charging and discharging cycles, it is recommended that you remove the batteries and charge each battery separately in a professional lithium-ion charger.

Switch lock and unlock function:

  • Press and hold the switch for more than 2 seconds in the off state to lock. The indicator light on the switch button and the main light of the flashlight will flash 3 times at the same time to indicate that it has been locked; after locking, the flashlight will remember the lock state and mode (not full power and strobe). At this time, when replacing the battery and using it again, it also needs to be unlocked.

  • In the locked state, press and hold the switch for more than 2 seconds to unlock. After unlocking, the main light will turn on in memory mode.

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