Weltool M1UV “Stone General ” 365nm UV EDC flashlight

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The Weltool M1UV is a compact and powerful mini UV LED flashlight designed to meet various professional and personal needs. With a length of only 9.7cm and an impressive LED radiant flux of 540mW, this flashlight is a true powerhouse in a small package.

At the heart of the M1UV is a professional 365nm wavelength UV LED, optimized for efficient and reliable UV radiation. This allows the flashlight to perform a wide range of tasks, making it incredibly versatile and practical. The M1UV is powered by a single AA alkaline battery, offering convenience and accessibility.

One of the primary applications of the Weltool M1UV is in checking pet defecation in indoor spaces. The UV light efficiently reveals pet waste, making it easier to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Additionally, the flashlight can be used for identifying banknotes and documents, as well as authenticating minerals or cultural relics. It is also ideal for searching for scorpions, making it a valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

The M1UV is also highly suitable for close inspection tasks, such as detecting oil leaks, examining pet dermatitis, and identifying fluorescent agents in cosmetics and sanitary products. Its compact size and powerful UV output make it a reliable companion for various inspection and detection tasks.

Constructed from aluminum alloy material, the M1UV undergoes precise CNC machining, ensuring a durable and robust build. The aluminum alloy reflector enhances the flashlight's performance and efficiency, optimizing the light output for the desired applications.

In terms of performance, the M1UV delivers an LED radiant flux of 540mW and a spectral radiosity of 3900μW/cm² at a distance of 38cm (15in). The flashlight covers an irradiated area with a round diameter of 10cm at the same distance. With a runtime of approximately 1.5 hours on one 1.5V alkaline battery, the M1UV provides sufficient power for prolonged use.The M1UV is compatible with a single 1.5V alkaline battery or an Energizer L91 lithium battery. For extended runtime, users have the option to install a Weltool BB7 extension tube and use two alkaline batteries. It is essential to note that while a 3.7V rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion battery may increase the radiation flux, it is not recommended due to potential damage to the LED and over-discharging of the battery.

To protect the lens and enhance durability, the head of the flashlight features a wear-resistant stainless steel bezel, making it suitable for use in rugged environments without compromising performance.

Safety features include reverse polarity protection, ensuring the flashlight remains safeguarded against any accidental damage. The M1UV operates without noise and flickering, providing a smooth and reliable user experience.

The M1UV is designed to withstand harsh conditions, having passed a 1-meter drop test and boasting an IP67 rating, making it capable of functioning in heavy rain without any compromise in performance.

Each Weltool M1UV flashlight is individually marked with a unique serial number, ensuring authenticity and quality control.

With dimensions of 20mm (head diameter), 18mm (body diameter), and 97mm (length), and a weight of 42.5g (excluding battery), the M1UV strikes a perfect balance between compactness and functionality, making it easy to carry and handle in various situations.

Whether you need a reliable UV flashlight for professional inspections or personal applications, the Weltool M1UV delivers exceptional performance and versatility, making it a valuable addition to your toolkit


Aluminum alloy material CNC machined

Use a 365nm wavelength UV LED

Aluminum alloy reflector


Tested with 1 1.5V LR6 alkaline battery M1UV
LED radiant flux 540mW
Spectral radiosity @38cm (15in) 3900μW/cm²
Irradiated area (round) diameter of distance @38cm (15in) 10cm
Runtime 1.5h

One 1.5V alkaline battery or one Energizer L91 lithium battery can be used, Or install a Weltool BB7 extension tube and use two alkaline batteries to increase runtime. Tip: Although a 3.7V rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion battery will increase the radiation flux, long-term use may cause damage to the LED due to excessive voltage, and may also cause the 14500 battery to be over-discharged. It is not recommended to use a 14500 lithium-ion battery.

The head of the flashlight has a wear-resistant stainless steel bezel, which can protect the lens and rub the head against the ore without damage.

Flashlight with reverse polarity protection

No noise and no flicker

Passed the 1 meter drop test, IP67, can be used in heavy rain

Each flashlight has its own serial number

Dimensions (±0.5mm): (Head diameter) 20mm, (Body diameter) 18mm, (Length) 97mm

Weight without battery: (±0.5g)42.5g