Wolf Eyes Nite Hunter Ultra Tactical Flashlight

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The Wolf Eyes Nite Hunter Ultra is the upgrade of the previous model Pro Nite Hunter with Ultra-Power. The update brings the power of this flashlight to 20W and thanks to the Luminus SFT-40-W LED it is able to reach 1620 lumens with a maximum range of 519 meters. The torch is equipped with a beam focusing system thanks to the mobile head and the aspherical lens it is equipped with. In fact, it is possible to switch from a totally flood beam, ideal for short distances, to a totally spot beam, ideal for lighting in the distance). A series of intermediate configurations between flood and spot are also possible so that the user can choose the beam angle he prefers for the situation in which he finds himself. If, for example, it is necessary to illuminate a room or large portions of the surrounding space, it is possible to use the flood beam, while if, for example, the torch is used for hunting or for tactical situations, it is better to use the wider beam. focused. The variation of the beam angle opening is done very quickly by simply screwing and unscrewing the head; this involves the aspherical lens moving towards or away from the light source of the beam, i.e. the LED, and therefore the beam produced will tend to narrow or widen. The body of the Wolf Eyes Nite Hunter Ultra is made of Aircraft Aluminum with HA-III Military Grade Hard Anodization: this makes the flashlight extremely robust, resistant to shocks, scratches, bad weather, corrosion and falls. The flashlight can be powered by a HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery cell. Dimensions are 148mm (with 6A-Tailcap) / 152mm (with 6HA-Tailcap) in length, 25mm in body diameter and 45mm in head diameter. The weight without battery  is 184g (with 6A-Tailcap) / 208g (with 6HA-Tailcap). The operating temperature is between -20 and 60° this means that the torch can be used in hostile and difficult environments. 

For this model it is possible to optionally purchase the following accessories: HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery, CH-01 AC Charger / DH-01 Car Charger, MM-80 / PM-30 / PM-50 / M1H / M2 Mount , Standard Holster, FD45-Filter and Procap-Tailcap / 6HA-Tailcap / 6A-Tailcap. Given its extremely compact size, this torch is ideal not only for hunting or tactical applications but can also be used as an EDC torch and therefore for everyday use. It's a simple to use flashlight thanks and it's also made of top quality materials that make it sturdy and long-lasting. If you are looking for a torch that allows you to switch very quickly from a wide to a narrow beam this is the torch for you. The user interface is very simple. The highest output level is 1620 lumens, which allows you to keep the flashlight on for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Then there is a 50% level with a 4 hour runtime, a 20% level with a 6 hour 40 minute runtime, and a 2% level with a 55 hour runtime. 

* Note: Nite Hunter Ultra will only reach its designed output when using Wolf-Eyes® HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery.

    LED Luminus SFT-40-W
    Material Aircraft Aluminum with HA-III Military Grade Hard Anodization

    1 x HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery

    Head Diameter 45mm
    Body Diameter 25mm
    Length 148mm (with 6A-Tailcap) / 152mm (with 6HA-Tailcap)
    Weight without battery 184g (with 6A-Tailcap) / 208g (with 6HA-Tailcap)
    Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60°C
    Accessory Option:
    1 HDB-168 lithium-ion rechargeable battery with large discharge (3400mAh) (yellow standard version, Only Nite Hunter Ultra AF include it)
    1 x Ch-01/168 AC single-channel charger, Only Nite Hunter Ultra AF include it