Wolf Eyes Ranger Ultra LED Flashlight

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Battery & Charger
  • Major upgrade! Now with the more powerful 20W Luminus SFT-40-W LED of 1620 lumens!
  • Lighting distance now increased to 519 meters!
  • USB charging system: users could recharge Ranger simply by inserting micro-USB plug into the USB port, without taking out the battery at all.
  • Charging indicator: a red light indicates that the flashlight is being rapidly charged; the indicator will turn green when battery is full.
  • Great compatibility to common micro-USB chargers: Ranger can be recharged by any common micro-USB chargers, so no extra charger is needed if you already have one for your mobile devices.
  • Multiple charging methods available: users could still take out the battery and recharge it on our traditional CH-01 / DH-01 chargers.
  • Water resistance: the USB charging port can be covered by the rotatable rubber ring around the flashlight’s neck, which protects it from rain and splashing water.
  • Rotary focusing system: users could adjust the focus of the beam by rotating the aspheric lens head.
  • 6HA-Remote Tapeswitch Tailcap optional: with removable tapeswitch, making the flashlight suitable for both tactical and hunting purpose.

    * Note: Ranger Ultra will only reach its designed output when using Wolf-Eyes® HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery.
LED Luminus SFT-40-W
Material Aircraft Aluminum with HA-III Military Grade Hard Anodization

1 x HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery

Head Diameter 45mm
Body Diameter 25mm
Length 170mm (with 6A-Tailcap) / 175mm (with 6HA-Tailcap)
Weight without battery 189g (with 6A-Tailcap) / 209g (with 6HA-Tailcap)
Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60°C