Wuben E6 Small Steel Cannon Strong Flashlight

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The Wuben E6 is a small flashlight with a minimal design but extremely powerful when compared to its size. In fact, it manages to reach a light power of 900 lumens. Given its size and the fact that it is a very safe flashlight, the Wuber E6 is also particularly suitable for children. Its maximum range is 410 meters with a maximum light intensity of 42,000 candelas when using the 900 lumens turbo. The beam of this flashlight reaches very far, it is a real shooting flashlight but the size of a normal EDC. But its beam is not only for shooting because there is also a bright spill that illuminates in short distances. The Wuben E6 can also be powered by different types of cells, in fact we can use either a 3.7 volt lithium ion 14500 cell or a 1.2V rechargeable Ni-Mh cell. The outputs will vary according to the cell used in fact we will have: High level of 900 lumens with 14500 cells and 350 lumens with Ni-Mh cells, medium level with 100 lumens with 14500 and Ni-mh cells, Low level with 10 lumens both with 14500 cells that with Ni-mh cells, Strobo level with 800 lumens if you use a 14500 or 350 lumens cell if you use a Ni-Mh cell and finally the 100 lumens SOS level for both types of batteries.

The Wuben E6 is made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with an anti-abrasion anodized finish that is resistant to corrosion, scratches and wear. The flashlight is also guaranteed to be waterproof according to the IP68 standard and therefore submersible up to 2 meters deep for 1 hour even though it is not a flashlight designed to be used underwater. Impact resistance, on the other hand, is 1.5 meters.

On the head there are dissipation fins that help in the dispersion of the heat produced by the LED on high levels. while on the rest of the body we find deep grooves that help in the grip when, for example, we have damp or wet hands. The electronic switch is placed slightly recessed in the metal near the head. Thanks to its particular design it is easily identifiable even in total darkness or if you are wearing gloves. Inside the switch, a small status LED returns information on the status of the cell capacity and also functions as a light point and torch locator in the dark when it is off. The bezel protecting the lens has small grooves that make it very beautiful aesthetically. The tail is flap so it is possible to use the flashlight in tailstanding as if it were a candle. The belt clip is made of steel and fixed to the flashlight by means of two small screws. If necessary, it can be removed. The belt clip is useful when you want to install the flashlight for example on pockets, clothing, caps or even any MOLLE system. The dimensions are 87 mm x 30 mm (3,43 in x 1,18 in ) L x D and the weight is 50 g / 1,76 oz without battery or 75 g /2.45 oz with battery. Considering its extremely compact dimensions and very light weight, the Wuben E6 is the perfect flashlight as EDC for everyday use and to be always carried with you: in fact it is convenient to carry for example inside the pocket of jeans or bag.


> High Power : Max output comes to 900 lumens;
> Beam distance : Wide beam throws up to 410m;
> Sturdy Material : 6061 T6 Aircraft-grade aluminum with anodized finish;
> Impact Resistance: 1.5 Meters
> Level Waterproof: IP68 (2m underwater for 1h)
> Weight: 50g/1.76oz(without battery)|75g/2.54oz(with battery)
> Specifiation: 87mm x30mm|3.43inx1.18in(L xD)
Wuben E6 Small Steel Cannon Strong FlashlightWuben E6 Small Steel Cannon Strong FlashlightWuben E6 Small Steel Cannon Strong FlashlightWuben E6 Small Steel Cannon Strong Flashlight