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Wuben X3 redefines what a mini flashlight can do. Packed with cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design in its compact body, it lets you experience a whole new level of upgrade in both appearance and functionality.

180° Rotating Head: Straight to Right Angle Adjustable
X3 takes versatility to new heights with its 180° swivel head. It allows you to direct the beam exactly where you need it. Whether you're holding it or have it clipped to your hat or jacket pocket, it provides flexible illumination in every situation. 

Hands-Free Brilliance
Integrating valuable insights from our previous projects, including the beloved magnetic tail cap feature of the X0, we proudly reintroduce the magnetic base in the X3. Featuring a clip, magnetic base, and a remarkable rotating head at the same time, the X3 caters to all your lighting needs whether you're fixing your car, navigating a dark trail, setting up camp, or working on a DIY project.

Portable Wireless Charging Anytime, Anywhere
Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing batteries or searching for charging cables. X3 comes with a wireless charging box that serves as a charging solution and a protective case. Simply place the X3 in the box and it will always be ready when you need it. 

Wuben X3 EDC Flashlight: A Revolution in Lighting
The Wuben X3 EDC flashlight redefines what a mini flashlight can do. Despite its small size, it packs an incredible punch, delivering powerful illumination wherever you need it.

Experience Ultimate Flexibility
The Wuben X3 EDC flashlight takes versatility to new heights with its 180° swivel head. Effortlessly change the direction of the light source to suit your needs, whether you're holding it or have it clipped to your jacket pocket. Enjoy flexible illumination in every situation, from work to daily life and outdoor adventures.

Wireless Charging Box, Diffuser, Power bank. All-in-One.
The box serves not only as a wireless charging and protective case for the X3, but also doubles as a power bank to charge your devices due to its 3000mAh battery. The diffuser softens the light, seamlessly transforming the X3 into a camping lantern, tent light, or bedside nightlight.

Perfect for Everyday Carry & Hands Free Operations
The Wuben X3 is a mini flashlight designed with everyday carry in mind. Its compact size and convenient pocket clip make it easy to attach to your backpack chest strap, cap, belt, or MOLLE system. The magnetic base allows you to effortlessly attach it to any metal surface for hands free operation

Multiple Modes for Any Situation
X3 LED flashlight comes with two LED options (White+White or White+Red). The former provides brighter lighting up to 1200 Lumens, while the latter enhances your lighting experience with high CRI and 670 nm red light. Both versions offer multiple lighting modes, including Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Strobe and SOS.

Innovation Meets Functionality
The Wuben X3 EDC flashlight boasts an innovative and unique design that sets it apart from other flashlights on the market. This groundbreaking flashlight not only looks distinctive but also offers unparalleled performance and features, making it the best EDC flashlight choice.

Impressive Battery Life: The Wuben X3 is a rechargeable EDC flashlight designed to keep you illuminated for extended periods. With a single charge, the X3 boasts an impressive 30-day runtime in low mode, assuming you use it for 1-2 hours per day, and when paired with its 3000mAh charging box, it extends to 100+ days.