Wurkkos Titanium TS10 V2.0 1400 Lumens EDC Flashlight Anduril 2.0

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The Wurkkos Titanium TS10 V2.0 1400 Lumens EDC Flashlight is a state-of-the-art illumination tool designed to meet the needs of discerning users who demand exceptional performance and versatility. Crafted from premium titanium for durability and aesthetics, this flashlight incorporates advanced features and innovative technology to deliver reliable illumination in any situation.

Crafted from high-grade titanium, the TS10 V2.0 exudes elegance and durability. Titanium offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for premium EDC gear. The sleek and minimalist design of the TS10 V2.0 ensures comfortable handling and easy carry, while its rugged construction ensures reliability in demanding environments.

Equipped with three 90 CRI CSP LEDs and three real RGB auxiliary LEDs, the TS10 V2.0 delivers a powerful and versatile beam of light. With a maximum output of 1400 lumens, this flashlight provides ample brightness for various tasks, from everyday carry to outdoor adventures. The CSP LEDs offer a balanced tint of 5800K/4000K, providing natural and accurate color rendering for enhanced visibility and clarity.

The TS10 V2.0 features the Anduril 2.0 user interface, renowned for its intuitive operation and customizable features. With Anduril 2.0, users can easily adjust brightness levels, access special modes, and program custom configurations to suit their preferences. From simple operation to advanced programming, Anduril 2.0 offers unparalleled control and versatility for a personalized lighting experience.

To prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance, the TS10 V2.0 is equipped with automatic stepdown and advanced temperature regulation technology. When operating in turbo mode, the flashlight will automatically step down to high mode to maintain safe operating temperatures. Additionally, the advanced temperature regulation adjusts brightness levels in response to temperature changes, ensuring consistent performance in any environment.

Designed for safety and peace of mind, the TS10 V2.0 features electronic reverse polarity protection to safeguard against improper battery installation. This feature prevents damage to the flashlight and batteries, allowing users to operate with confidence and reliability.

The tailcap of the TS10 V2.0 is glued for better contact with the electronic tail press. It's essential not to twist and disassemble the tail cap to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, constant reactivation of turbo mode can lead to the flashlight exceeding safe operating temperatures, so users should exercise caution during prolonged use.

In summary, the Wurkkos Titanium TS10 V2.0 1400 Lumens EDC Flashlight combines premium craftsmanship, advanced technology, and versatile features to offer users a reliable and customizable lighting solution for everyday carry, outdoor adventures, and professional use. With its titanium construction, powerful illumination, intuitive interface, and safety features, the TS10 V2.0 sets a new standard for EDC flashlights.

Specifications :
1.Emitter: 3 pcs 90 CRI CSP LEDs and 3pcs real RGB aux LEDs 
2.Tint: CSP 5800K/4000K
3.Battery options: 1x 14500 Li-Ion battery 
4.Operating voltage: 3.0V - 4.2V (14500 battery)  
5.Dimension: 71.5 mm (length) × 21mm (head diameter)
6.Anduril 2.0 UI
7.Automatic Stepdown: Turbo mode steps down to High mode automatically to prevent overheating.
8.Electronic reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
9.Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: As the temperature rises, TS10 is programmed to automatically step down and step up the brightness to prevent overheating.

Package content(without charger):
without battery:
1*flashlight; 1*lanyard, 1*cilp, 2*replace orings, 1*user manual, 1*diffuser.

with 14500 battery:
1*flashlight; 1*900mah rechargeable 14500 battery 1*lanyard, 1*cilp, 2*replace orings, 1*user manual, 1*diffuser.