Xtar D26 1600S Diving Flashlight

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Xtar D26 1600S is a diving torch equipped with a high quality OSRAM CSLPM1.TG LED that produces a Turbo output of 1600 lumens. Thanks to the special XTAR reflector, the light beam produced at the Turbo can reach long distances of 538 meters with an opening angle of the spot of only 5° and 90° of the whole beam. This means that this light produces a particular directive beam that allows you to get very far. There are 4 output levels available to allow the user the ideal one. The flashlight can be powered by a single 5200mAh rechargeable lithium 26650 and supplied as standard but can also be used with 18650 cells using the appropriate adapter. The output levels are divided as follows: 1600 lumens at turbo with 2 hours of autonomy, High level of 650 lumens with 3.67 hours of autonomy, Medium level with 200 lumens and 17 hours of autonomy and Low level of 60 lumens with 86 hours and autonomy . The user interface also provides for the electronic lock of the torch to avoid possible accidental ignitions during transport.

The user interface is managed entirely by the single switch inside the torch. It is lateral and is located near the head. Very simple to activate by pressing, it allows instant access to the light. To block the flashlight, however, just press the switch for over three seconds. Just above the switch there is a status LED indicator that allows you to know the amount of remaining charge in the cell. When this LED lights solid green, it means that the amount of charge in the battery is between 100% and 10%, when it lights red, it means that the charge is between one per 100 and the 10%, while when it lights up flashing red. Say that the charge is less than one per 100. The Xtar D26 1600S is also a safe torch, as it has a reverse protection circuit inside polarity that allows not to damage the internal parts and the circuits of the flashlight when the user inserts the battery incorrectly. The temperature regulation system, on the other hand, automatically decreases the output when the torch body reaches 70°C in order to protect the battery, the LED and the electrical circuits from overheating. The lens is ultra-transparent tempered glass with superior transmittance to 98.5% (normal lenses have a transmittance between 82% and 92%). The contacts are gold plated to have perfect electrical conductivity and also avoid oxidation problems. The maximum distance reached is 538 m, corresponding to 72,400 candles. The dimensions of this torch are 156.2 mm in length 33 mm, the diameter of the body 46 mm, the diameter of the head. While the weight is 223 grams, excluding the batteries. The spot beam angle is 5°, while the beam angle is 90°.

Full set Package Include:
Flashlight, Li-ion 26650 battery, lanyard, USB cable, O-rings, MC1 Plus charger, user manuals
Standard package include:
Flashlight, landyard, O-rings, user manual
Technical parameter
ANSI Illumination Levels
Turbo High Mid Low
Luminance 1600lm 650lm 200lm 60lm
Runtime 2hrs 3.67hrs 17 hrs 86 hrs
Beam Throw 538m
Max Intensity 72400cd
Impact Resistant 1.5 m
Waterproof IPX8(Underwater 100m)
Size Φ46mm(head) X Φ33mm(body) X 156.2mm(length)
Net weight 223g
spot beam angle
beam angle 90°