XTAR DS1 Diving Flashlight

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The XTAR DS1 is a linear underwater torch in the 21700 format equipped with a switch that allows you to vary the brightness level without established steps, therefore using the ramping function. This flashlight has a maximum output level of 1000 lumens, with a maximum possible runtime of 2.5 hours. The magnetic slide switch allows you to adjust light intensity from maximum 1000 lumens to minimum 30 lumens, in a very simple and rapid way. The 7° aperture of the Beam spot allows you to reach a distance of 280 m. The DS1 is equipped with an XP-L2 LED with a color temperature between 5500.6500 K. The body of the torch is made of AL 60 63 aluminum alloy, which gives this product high resistance to wear, corrosion, scratches and falls. The water resistance is given by the IPX8 standard and the flashlight is submersible up to 100 meters deep. The extremely compact dimensions make this torch an ideal companion on fishing trips or even on deep dives.Vv. The body has a knurling that always guarantees an excellent grip. The lens is in ultra-transparent mineral glass with a transmittance greater than 98.5%, while the common lenses have a transmittance between 82 and 92%. Vb, the torch is also equipped with low Power Indication and works like this : when the battery level is less than 5%, then the flashlight will flash three times to remind the user that it's time to charge the battery. This flashlight also has a system temperature control which automatically decreases the output when the torch reaches a body temperature above 60 °C. Furthermore, there is also the anti reverse Circuit connection which guarantees maximum protection when the batteries inside the torch have been accidentally entered incorrectly. The contacts with the battery are gold-plated to prevent oxidation and always guarantee maximum efficiency and maximum electrical conductivity. The dimensions of this flashlight are 156 mm in length, 29 mm in the diameter of the tail and 44 mm in diameter and head, while the weight is 170 grams, excluding battery. The switch is smooth and very easy to use. When you have the flashlight in hand, in fact, with the thumb it is possible to push the switch forward to increase the current brightness level, while just pulling it backwards to decrease the brightness. There are no pre-established levels, therefore it is the user who chooses the output level he prefers from the output range that goes from 1000 lumens to 30 lumens. To turn off the flashlight, just pull the switch back completely. Given the compact size, the flashlight is very comfortable to hold and to use even for a long time. 
Full Set Package Include:
DS1 Flashlight, SC1 Charger, 21700 Li-ion battery, USB cable, user manuals, lanyard, O-rings, spare switch
Standard KT Package Include:
DS1 Flashlight, user manuals, lanyard, O-rings, spare switch


Model DS1
ANSI High <-----> Low
Luminance 1000lm   <-----> 30lm
Runtime 2.5hrs *------> 49 hrs
Beam Throw 282m
Beam Angle
Max. Intensity 20032cd
Impact Resistant 1.5m
Waterproof Underwater 100m
Size Φ Φ 44m m(head)* Φ 29 mm (body)* 156mm (length)
Net Weight 177g (battery excluded)
1. Above-mentioned parameters (tested by using XTAR 1 x 21700 4900mAh) are approximate and may differ depending on battery and environment.
2. Working Voltage: 2.75-4.2V.