Xtar L8 Charger

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The XTAR L8 Charger is a cutting-edge, 8-slot smart charger designed to recharge both 1.5V and 1.2V AA/AAA batteries. This intelligent charging device offers a host of features that make it the perfect choice for those who rely on rechargeable batteries for their everyday needs.

The XTAR L8 is equipped with advanced intelligent charging technology that sets it apart from traditional chargers. It has the ability to automatically recognize the type of battery you're using and adjust its charging strategy accordingly. This means that it will deliver the precise charge required for your batteries, ensuring optimal performance while preventing overcharging. Once your batteries are fully charged, the L8 features an auto cut-off function to prevent any unnecessary charging, saving energy and extending the life of your batteries.

One standout feature of the XTAR L8 is its unique activation technology. This technology is designed to bring over-discharged or idle batteries back to life, effectively giving them a second chance at usefulness. XTAR is a pioneer in bringing this OV activation technology to household battery chargers, a feature that was previously limited to high-end or professional battery capacity grading instruments. With the L8, you can revive batteries that may have been considered dead, saving you money and reducing waste.

The L8's hollow out design serves multiple purposes. Not only does it make it easy to insert and remove batteries, but it also contributes to effective heat dissipation. This is crucial for safety during the charging process, as it helps prevent overheating and ensures the charger's reliability over time.

The XTAR L8 Charger is built for speed. It utilizes Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3.0) technology and boasts an impressive 18W of power. This allows it to deliver robust 8 x 0.5A charging currents, making it up to four times faster than typical Ni-MH chargers for a full charge. Whether you need your batteries ready for a day of photography, gaming, or any other activity, the L8 has you covered.

One of the standout features of the XTAR L8 is its mix-charging capability. It can simultaneously charge both 1.5V Li-ion and 1.2V Ni-MH AA/AAA batteries. This versatility makes it a go-to charger for a wide range of applications, from trail cameras and remote control cars to mini-z devices, transmitters, VR controllers, and more.

Measuring just 6 x 3 x 1.1 inches (153 x 76.5 x 27.6 mm) and weighing in at a mere 118 grams, the XTAR L8 is compact and lightweight. This makes it highly portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. It's perfect for travel, outdoor adventures, or simply for use around the house.

Safety is a top priority with the XTAR L8 Charger. It comes equipped with six layers of protection to ensure the safety of both the charger and your batteries. These protections include safeguards against over-current discharge, over-voltage discharge, input under-voltage, input over-voltage, and output short-circuit. With the L8, you can charge your batteries with confidence, knowing that both your equipment and batteries are protected.

The XTAR L8 Charger is the ultimate solution for all your battery charging needs. Whether you require rapid charging, compatibility with various battery types, intelligent charging technology, or a compact and portable design, the L8 delivers it all. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and hello to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach with the XTAR L8 Charger. Whether you're a photographer, gamer, outdoor enthusiast, or simply want to keep your devices powered, the L8 is the smart choice for smart charging.

• Mix-charging 1.5V Li-ion & 1.2V Ni-MH AA/AAA batteries
• 8 x 0.5A charging with QC3.0 18W adapter, much faster than others
• Auto cut-off when fully charged
• Revives over-discharged batteries
• Hollow-out design, easy to remove batteries and dissipate heat
• Built-in 6 protections for charging safety
• For charging the batteries of trail cameras, RC cars, mini-z, transmitters, VR controllers etc.
Input                                                                                        QC3.018W,Type-C
Compatible  Batteries 1.5V lithium Batteries &
1.2V NIMH AA/AAA Batteries
 Constant Charging Current  0.5A*8
Working temperature  0~+40℃
Cut-off  Voltage  ≤100mA
Dimension                                 6* 3*1.1 In'(153*76.5*27.6 mm)
Weight                                      118g

Protections  for  over-current discharge,  over-voltage  discharge, Input  under-voltage,  input over-voltage  and  output  short-circuit