1500m long range + wireless control, Nitecore MH40S rechargeable flashlight debut

1500m long range + wireless control, Nitecore MH40S rechargeable flashlight debut

Nitecore MH40GTR All-round Upgrade Product-MH40S Officially Debuted! In order to further improve the range and brightness, MH40S is equipped with a new high-performance LED, combined with the optical system manufactured by crystal plating technology and PDOT digital precision optimization technology, so that the maximum range of MH40S reaches 1500 meters, the maximum brightness output reaches 1500 lumens, and the efficiency of night search is improved.
Nitecore MH40S

Nitecore MH40S is equipped with wireless tactical tail cable as standard, which supports wireless remote control operation within one meter. In addition to the conventional indicator light, Nitecore MH40S also has a vibration reminder function, when the battery power is less than 10%, it will inform the user in the form of vibration.

Interface and charging power are the other two important upgrade points of MH40S. Nitecore MH40S is equipped with USB-C interface and supports QC3.0 fast charging, with a maximum input power of 18 W, which shortens the full charge time of two 21700 (single 5000mAh) lithium batteries to 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Nitecore MH40S

In other parts, Nitecore MH40S has IP68 protection standard (two meters underwater) and one meter anti-drop capability to meet the needs of search, law enforcement, hiking and camping scenarios. For more information, please click: Nitecore MH40S.


> LED:Luminengin G9 LED
> Maximum Brightness:1500 lumen
> Peak Beam Distance:1640 yards
> Peak Beam Intensity:570000 cd
> IP Rating:IP68
> Impact Resistance:1 m
> Dimensions:L-10.08"xW-2.56"xH-1"
> Weight:8.67oz

> Turbo: 1500 Lumens / 3hrs 15mins
> High: 500 Lumens / 7hrs 15mins
> Mid: 150 Lumens / 25hrs
> Low: 18 Lumens / 105hrs
> Strobe: 1500 Lumens
> Beacon: 1500 Lumens
> SOS: 1500 Lumens
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