Nitecore MH40S 1500 Lumen Hunting Flashlight

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The Nitecore MH40S is a powerful tactical shooting torch with wireless remote control ideal for being mounted on a weapon. Its Turbo power is 1500 lumens and being a shooting torch it was made with a parabola and equipped with a LED that allows it to reach 1500 meters away.

In fact, the MH40S is fitted with a latest generation Luminengin G9 LED with a diameter of just 1.6mm and a surface of only 2mm² square unlike, for example, the classic CREE XP-L HI V3 whose surface is 4mm² square. Thanks to this, the smooth and deep dish and the super transparent lens, the maximum intensity at the Turbo of the Nitecore MH40S reaches 570,000 cd. The parabola is smooth and deep while the lens is ultra clear with double anti-reflective treatment.

The Nitecore MH40S is powered by two high-performance 5000mAh lithium 21700 model NL2150 rechargeable cells that guarantee a maximum runtime on the low level of 105 hours. Alternatively, the Nitecore MH40S can be powered by 4 CR123 cells.

Inside the flashlight there is also the notification system of the low battery via vibration: when the batteries reach too low voltage levels, the flashlight will notify the user that it is time to recharge the flashlight through a series of vibrations.

The user interface is managed by two different switches: a tail switch that acts as an On / Off switch and for activating the momentary light, and a side switch for managing the different levels.
The latter has an internal status LED that allows the user to know the charge status of the flashlight: when it flashes 3 consecutive times it means that the cell capacity is greater than 50%, if it flashes twice it is less than 50, if it flashes only once it means that it is less than 25%.

The tail switch, on the other hand, has a tactical design, is mechanical and rubberized. Its activation is very simple even with thick tactical gloves

The output levels are 4 normal and 3 special and allow the flashlight to be used for different scenarios.

The STROBE mode has the characteristic of having the random frequency change: this, in tactics application, allows you to disorient a person much more than the classic strobe with a constant frequency.

The batteries are recharged via the Type-C charging port. a QC3.0 charger is included in the package which provides 18W of power. It only takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge the flashlight thanks to the quick recharge and the adapter supplied.

Among the main features of the MH40S there is the possibility of remote and wireless control using the tactical remote control supplied. This is small and rubberized and can be applied anywhere on the weapon, for example near the fingers for quick and easy activation of the light. It has two different switches: one for constant ignition and for STROBE and the other for Tactica Momentary On. Thanks to optional adapters supplied, the remote switch of the Nitecore MH40S can also be mounted on any firearm sled.

The communication between the remote control and the flashlight is done on the 2.4Ghz frequency. Each remote switch has an independent digital ID in this way any kind of disturbance between other devices is avoided. It is powered by a 3V CR1632 battery. The advanced power cut-off system guarantees a standby time of 12 months after which the battery must be replaced.

The body of the Nitecore MH40S is entirely made of HA III aircraft aluminum with a hard-anodized finish. The IP66 water resistance therefore the torch is submersible up to 2m depth.

The Nitecore Advanced Temperature Regulation system adjusts the output of the MH40S in accordance with the working conditions and the environment, to always guarantee optimal performance.


> Utilizes a Luminengin G9 LED with a max output of 1,500 lumens
> Max peak beam intensity of 570,000cd and max throw of 1,500 meters
> An optical system combined with crystal coating and "Precision Digital Optics
Technology" (PDOT)
> Powered by 2 x 21700 high capacity Li-ion batteries to provide a runtime up
to 105 hours
> Equipped with the low power vibration indication
> The tactical tail switch and the mode button control 4 brightness levels and
3 special modes
> STROBE Mode uses randomly changing frequencies for stronger dizzying
> A power indicator beneath the mode button indicates the remaining battery
> Intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C charging port
> NITECORE 21700 Li-ion batteries included (NL2150 5,000mAh)
> Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output
> Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module (Patent No.
> Optical lenses with double-sided scratch resistant coating
> Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy
> HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
> Waterproof and dustproof rating in accordance with IP68 (2 meters
> Impact resistant to 1 meter


> Max Output:500 Lumens
> Max Beam Distance:1500 m
> Max Beam Intensity:570000 cd
> Max Runtime:105 h 0 m / 4.37 d
> LED Luminengin:G9 LED
> Reflector:SMO
> Battery:2 × 21700, 4 × CR123
> Special Modes Location Beacon:SOS, Strobe
> Beam color:White light
> Length:256 mm / 10.08 in
> Head Size:65 mm / 2.56 in
> Weight:245.8 g / 8.67 oz
> Feature:Rechargeable
> Activity Law Enforcement:Search, Outdoor/Camping, Hiking/TrekkingNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40SNitecore MH40S