15th anniversary tribute, NITECORE Announces NU33 And TINI2 SS Limited Edition

15th anniversary tribute, NITECORE Announces NU33 And TINI2 SS Limited Edition

From 2007 to 2022, the 15th anniversary of NITECORE. To this end, NITECORE has specially brought you two special edition products for the 15th anniversary-NU33 Limited Edition and TINI2 SS Limited Edition, each limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, all printed with independent product numbers, dedicated to the fans who grew up with Knight Cole, dedicated to NITECORE's 15 years.

NU33 Glacier Purple Limited Edition

NU33 Glacier Purple Limited Edition uses a patented lightweight aluminum alloy front shell, which is not only wear-resistant and fall-resistant, but also has a delicate touch, with a slight matte feeling, such as touching the melting ice and snow. Glacier purple has the meaning of "purple gas comes from the east", which is a metaphor for auspicious signs.

TINI2 SS Streamer Gold Limited Edition

On the basis of TINI2 SS, the exclusive color matching of the 15th anniversary streamer gold is added. The combination of stainless steel and gold presents different metal textures in different light. Gold also represents honor and legend. TINI Mini Key Lamp Series is a new series launched by Knight Cole on the 10th anniversary of the company's founding in 2017. It has been widely praised by users since its launch, leading the development of key lamps in the lighting industry.

For more information, please click: NU33 15th Anniversary Limited Edition, TINI2 SS 15th Anniversary Limited Edition
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