Nitecore NU33 700 Lumen LED Rechargeable Headlamp

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Nitecore NU33 700 Lumen LED Rechargeable Headlamp

The Nitecore NU33 is a small and light headlamp capable of delivering 700 lumens to the Turbo and reaching a distance of about 135 meters with a maximum light intensity of 4578 cd. The NU33 is powered by an internal non-removable 2000 mAh lithium-ion cell which guarantees a maximum runtime on the lowest level of 147 hours (approximately 6 days) on a single charge.

The Nitecore NU33 is equipped with three different LED emitters: a central white main LED for which it is possible to select three levels of brightness: Turbo (700 lm) High (200 lm) and Mid (60 lm). In addition, special Strobo and SOS levels are also available. The lenses are of the TIR type with light transmission over 94% and guarantee a clean and balanced beam

To the left of the main LED there is a red auxiliary LED for which it is possible to select the constant on or slow flashing mode.To the right of the main LED, on the other hand, there is a second white auxiliary LED with a Neutral tint and a high color rendering index CRI> 90 for which it is possible to select a Low level of 50 lumens and an ultralow level of 6 lumens.

The two auxiliary LEDs are ideal for making themselves visible in the dark, in an emergency or for illuminating short distances. The neutral white thanks to its color with CRI> 90 is ideal in natural environments, and with its Ultralow of only 6 lumens it is also perfect for reading, for example.
The Nitecore NU33 has two different switches for interface management. A power button for switching the light on and off, and for varying the different brightness levels and a Mode Button to switch from one mode to another.

A double press on any switch will turn off the light when the flashlight is on.
On the Nitecore NU33 there is also a battery status indicator: this is composed of a series of 4 blue LEDs that light up to indicate the residual capacity of the cell: for example, 4 LEDs on means 100% capacity, only 1 LED on capacity about 25%.

The user interface of the Nitecore NU33 also provides for the electronic lockout of the flashlight to avoid accidental switching on: this can be done with the simultaneous click of both switches. In lockout mode, any brightness level or special levels are not available: this is ideal when the flashlight is stored inside backpacks or pockets.
The flashlight is recharged through the type-C charging interface located in the lower part of the flashlight. A full charge takes approximately 1.5 hours.

The water resistance is IP66 while the drop resistance is 1 meter. The body of the NU33 is made entirely of PC and aluminum: this makes the flashlight very light and practical to carry. In fact, the weight, including the battery, is only 95 grams. The elastic leaves are comfortable, soft and particularly elastic. Not tired if used for many consecutive hours. Super comfortable when jogging holds the flashlight securely in place on your head.


> Triple output USB-C rechargeable headlamp
> A primary white LED with a max output of 700 lumens
> Equipped with a high CRI auxiliary white light (CRI≥90)
> Red light illumination designed for protecting the night vision
> Utilizes a unibody optical lens system with various facets for reflecting a uniform and soft light
> Built-in 2,000mAh Li-ion battery
> Built-in intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C charging port (5V 2A)
> Designed with two buttons different in shape and touch offering easy one-handed operation
> 5 brightness levels, 2 special modes and 2 red light modes available
> Designed with 4 power indicators to indicate the remaining battery power
> Made from durable PC and aluminum metal materials
> Compact and lightweight
> Impact resistant to 1 meter
> Waterproof and dustproof rating in accordance with IP66


> Max Output: 700 lumens
> Max Beam Distance: 135 m
> Max Beam Intensity: 4578 cd
> Max Runtime: 147 h 0 m / 6.12 d
> Battery: Built-in 2,000mAh Li-ion Battery
> Special Modes: Location Beacon, SOS
> Beam color: White light, Red Light
> Dimensions: 62.3mm x 46mm x 35.6mm (2.45" x 1.81" x 1.40")
> Weight: 95.5 g / 3.37 oz
> Feature: Rechargeable
> Activity: Outdoor/Camping