Acebeam Terminator M1: The first flashlight that combines the latest LEP with LED technologies

Acebeam Terminator M1: The first flashlight that combines the latest LEP with LED technologies

In a first for Acebeam M1 is a combination of a high power LEP and LED in one single body, this gives users the benefit of a long range LEP, with a more floodlight LED. Making the Terminator M1 idea for many uses and applications.

The LEP module has a zoom-able control on the head, simply rotate it around to adjust the profile of the beam. Laser Excited Phosphor (LEP), is a blue type laser light which has a much higher intensity and very little spill at it’s most focussed. This gives it a unique and powerful range which in the M1’s case it around 1640 yards (1499 metres), for a powerful and clean beam reaching extreme distances. Should you require a loss focussed beam on the LEP, you can simply rotated the head around to produce a wider beam profile.

The second light source is a choice of 2 color temperatures on the LEDs. A triple array in either a Cool White (6500K) or a warmer high CRI (90) with the 3 Nichia 519A LED’s (5000K).

Main LED has a floodlight pattern giving a wide spread. The Cool white has a higher output, with the warmer Nichia offering is closer to daylight, and has a higher color rendering index, giving more natural colors, with a little less output.

Two switches for controlling the M1, a power button and a dedicated button for cycling between the LEP and LED sources.

Power is via a 21700 USB C chargeable battery (the type C port is built into the cell). It’s a common battery with a useful high capacity (5000mAh).

The Terminator M1 is a limited edition, and is likely to appeal to collectors and fans who value unusual, yet powerful and useful flashlights.

Acebeam Terminator M1 Key Features

> Dual output LEP and LED flashlight in a single body
> High performance LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) with a range of up to 1499 metres
> Zoomable LEP beam, simply twist the head to adjust focus wider to narrower beam
> Floodlight LED output with 3 x LED’s for a wide beam profile
> Choice of Cool or Warmer White LED (6500K or 5000K)
> Dual switch interface with dedicated button for cycling between LED and LEP
> Deep head grooves for improved heat dissipation
> Powered via a rechargeable USB C 21700 battery (5000mAh)
> Hard anodized aluminum alloy body with premium quality materials
> Water and dust proof

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