Acebeam Terminator M1 Dual Head LED & LEP Zoomable Flashlight

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The Acebeam Terminator M1 is not just a flashlight; it's a marvel of lighting technology that combines the power of dual light sources to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. With its unique blend of LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) and LED illumination, internal zoom design, and an array of advanced features, the Terminator M1 is the ultimate lighting tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike.The Terminator M1 features a dual light source system that includes one LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) and three LEDs, with options for both cool white (6500K) and high CRI (Color Rendering Index) 90+ Nichia 519A LEDs (5000K). This dual light source setup gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to switch between LEP and LED illumination to suit your specific needs. One of the standout features of the Terminator M1 is its internal zoom design for the LEP source. You can adjust the focus of the LEP beam without changing the size of the flashlight. Simply rotate the LEP head left or right to seamlessly transition between a wide 16° floodlight and a concentrated 3° spotlight. This zoomable capability enhances the flashlight's versatility, making it suitable for various tasks and scenarios.

When it comes to brightness and throw, the Acebeam Terminator M1 doesn't disappoint. The LED light source can deliver a maximum output of 3500 lumens, providing you with ample illumination in any situation. On the other hand, the LEP source boasts a remarkable throw capability, with a maximum throw of 1600 meters (equivalent to 640,000 candela). Whether you need a flood of light to illuminate your surroundings or a beam that can reach extreme distances, the Terminator M1 has you covered. The Terminator M1 is built to withstand tough conditions. With an impact resistance of 1 meter and an IP68 waterproof rating (submersible up to 2 meters), it can handle the rigors of outdoor adventures and adverse weather. No matter where your journey takes you, the Terminator M1 will remain reliable and functional. Powering the Terminator M1 is a single ACEBEAM USB-C rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery. This rechargeable battery option ensures that you always have a convenient and readily available power source. The USB-C port allows for fast and efficient charging, eliminating the need for external chargers. It's a flashlight designed for on-the-go use and hassle-free maintenance. The Terminator M1 features a user-friendly interface that makes operation a breeze. The power switch handles both turning the flashlight on/off and cycling through output modes. When the LED light source is active, press and hold the power switch to cycle through Low, Med1, Med2, and High modes. Release the power switch to select the desired output level, and the flashlight will remember your choice for the next activation. For a burst of maximum brightness, double-click the power switch quickly to access Turbo mode. Double-click again to toggle between Turbo and the previously memorized output level. To activate the strobe mode, quickly press the power switch three times. The Terminator M1 also offers an ultra-low mode, accessible when the flashlight is off. Simply press and hold the power switch to engage this mode. Please note that Ultra-low, Strobe, and Turbo modes are not memorized and will reset when the flashlight is turned off.

To prevent accidental activation or changes to your settings, the Terminator M1 features a convenient lock/unlock function. To lock the flashlight, press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds when it's turned off. The current light source will flash three times, indicating that the flashlight is locked. In this state, any switch operation will be invalid. To unlock the flashlight, follow the same procedure: press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds when it's locked. The current light source will again flash three times, signaling that the flashlight is now unlocked. Depending on the light source option, the flashlight will activate in either Ultra-low or LEP mode upon unlocking. The Terminator M1 offers the flexibility to switch between LEP and LED light sources with ease. While the light is on, simply click the function switch, and the light output will alternate between the two options. This feature enables you to adapt to different scenarios and lighting requirements on the fly. When the LEP light source is active, you can further customize your illumination by adjusting the beam angle. Simply rotate the LEP head left or right to smoothly transition between a wide 16° beam and a narrow 3° beam. This zooming capability allows you to tailor the light to your specific needs, whether you're covering a large area or focusing on a distant target. Despite its impressive capabilities, the Acebeam Terminator M1 remains compact and portable. It measures L:104mm/4.09'', W: 35.2mm/1.39'', and H:63.4mm/2.5'', with a weight of 232.2g/8.2oz (excluding the battery) or 304.6g/10.7oz (including the battery). This compact design ensures that the Terminator M1 can easily accompany you on your adventures, whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring the great outdoors. In conclusion, the Acebeam Terminator M1 is more than just a flashlight; it's a cutting-edge lighting tool that combines the best of LEP and LED technology. With its powerful output, impressive throw, internal zoom design, and user-friendly interface, it's ready to tackle any lighting task you throw at it. Whether you're a professional in need of precision illumination or an enthusiast seeking the ultimate flashlight, the Terminator M1 is your answer. Illuminate your world and take control of your lighting needs with the Acebeam Terminator M1.

Dual Light Source: 1x LEP + 3x LEDs (Cool White 6500K / Nichia 519A 5000K High CRI90 for options)
Internal zoom design of LEP source, rotating the LEP head to adjust the focus without changing size. 
Beam Angle: 3~16°
Max Output: 3500 lumens (LED);
                     700 lumens(LEP)
Max Throw: LEP: 1600 meters(640,000cd);
                    LED: 231 meters(13,340cd)
Impact Resistance: 1meter
Waterproof: IP68, underwater 2 meters
Battery: 1x ACEBEAM USB-C Rechargeable 21700 Li-ion Battery
Power Switch: ON/OFF and output modes cycle
Function Switch: LEP/LED switching
W: 35.2mm/1.39''
Weight: 232.2g/8.2oz (Excluding Battery); 304.6g/10.7oz (Including Battery)

Power Switch Operation
ON: Click the Power Switch.
OFF: Click the Power Switch when ON.
Output Selection: When the LED light source option is ON, press and hold the Power Switch, and the LED light source will cycle from Low-Med1-Med2-High, release the Power Switch to select the output, and can be memorized next ON;
Turbo: In the Unlocked state and under the LED light source option, double-click the Power Switch quickly to enter the Turbo output, and double-click again to switch between Turbo and memory output;
Strobe: In the Unlocked state and under the LED light source option, quickly press the Power Switch three times to enter the Strobe output;
Ultra-low: When the flashlight is OFF and under the LED light source option, press and hold the Power Switch to enter the Ultra-low output;
Ultra-low, Strobe, and Turbo modes will be not memorized.
Lock: When the light is OFF, press and hold the Power Switch for 3 seconds, the current light source will flash 3 times, and the flashlight will be Locked. At this time, any switch operation will be invalid.
Unlock: When the light is Locked, press and hold the Power Switch for 3 seconds, the current light source will flash 3 times, and then Unlock the light. If the current light source option is LED, the LED will be Ultra-low ON when unlocked, and if the current light source option is LEP, the light will be LEP ON when unlocked.
Function Switch Operation
When the light is ON, click the Function Switch, the light output will switch between LEP light source or LED light source options.
LEP Zoom Operation
When the LEP light source is ON, rotate the LEP head left or right, and the LEP beam angle will increase or decrease uniformly between 16° and 3°