All-new WF26R, A High-performance Duty Flashlight From Fenix

All-new WF26R, A High-performance Duty Flashlight From Fenix

Fenix has just announced the introduction of the Fenix WF26R flashlight. The WF26R is a high-performance duty flashlight with one rechargeable 5000 Li-ion battery. It can deliver a maximum capacity of 3000 lumens with a tactically efficient far-reaching beam of 450 meters, suitable for situational awareness and rescue and search missions. The WF26R is an upgrade to the Fenix's RC20 Flashlight, which has been the go-to flashlight for those that need an ever-ready performance. 

Being dustproof and IP68-rated waterproof makes the WF26R flashlight a multipurpose long-lasting workhorse. And when stored with the magnetic charging crib, the battery always stands at 100%. There's a boot-up battery level indicator that helps know the battery percentage and whether the flashlight needs to be charged or not. And if you're far from the charging cradle, you can always use the magnetic cable and charge the flashlight independently of the cradle. The flashlight features six lighting modes which are operated by the dual switches available in the tail of the flashlight. 


It's worth noting, however, that the high and turbo modes have only a six-minute runtime difference. The reason is; the light accumulates a lot of heat when running on the turbo mode at a maximum of 3000 lumens. So when the temperature rises or goes beyond a given level, the flashlight is programmed in a way that it's able to detect the heat and step down a few lumens. 

The Fenix WF26R is suitable for all kinds of professional and industrial work like construction, warehousing, and just for anyone whose profession needs a reliable battery. It's also recommended that you only use a Fenix ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 battery in the WF26R. 

The WF26R in a nutshell


The Fenix WF26R comes with an ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 battery which is capable of powering the light continuously for up to 40 hours. When it's not in use, store it on the USB-powered magnetic charging cradle, where it takes a maximum of 3 hours to charge fully. The charging crib can be fixed on any surface, be it a wall or table, so it's ever ready to use. 


When used in turbo or high mode for a long time, the light accumulates a lot of heat which is dangerous for the battery. So to prevent any damage to the battery and the flashlight, at 60°C and above, the light lumen output decreases.



The Fenix WF26R is an advanced version of the Fenix's RC20 Flashlight. It has improved battery capacity, throw and power for a longer run. It's capable of producing a maximum of 3000 lumens which can reach a distance of 492 yards. 


Featuring two tail switches, the WF26R is easy to use and operate and allows rapid mode change. And since it's waterproof and capable of resisting any impact from a distance of up to 1.5 meters, the flashlight is always ready to use in any environment. 

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