Fenix WF26R Cradle Charging Work Flashlight

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The Fenix WF26R is a LED flashlight for everyday use. It is the upgrade to the RC20 Flashlight, Featuring its own charging base to store the light on, this flashlight's battery is always at 100%, ready to blast a maximum of 3000 lumens.

The Fenix WF26R is equipped with a powerful Luminus SST70 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The available output levels are 7 divided as follows: Eco of 30 lumens with an autonomy of 44 h 8 min and a range of 154 ft (47 m), Medium of 350 lumens with an autonomy of  8 hours 56 min and a range of 509  ft (155 m) , High of 1000 lumens with a range of 2 hours and 47 minutes and a range of 866 ft (264 m), Turbo of 3000 lumens with a range of 2 hour and 41 minutes and a range of 1476 ft (450m), Strobe of 3000 lumens and SOS of 100 lumens. The maximum light intensity is 52888 candles on the Turbo output level. The body of the WF26R is made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with a type III hard anodized finish. The body design is non-slip and anti-roll, so the flashlight can be placed on slightly inclined surfaces without rolling away. The grip is always firm and safe even when you have damp or wet hands thanks to the special knurling on the body. The belt clip is made of stainless steel and is two-way so the flashlight can, for example, be attached to the belt with both the head facing up and down without having to remove the clip. The lens is in mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment. The bezel is protruding and protects the lens well from any impacts. The switches are in the tail, easily accessible. They are rubberized and mechanical to allow the light to be switched on and off. On the side the WF26R has a small status LED which lights up green or red and returns information on the status of the cell capacity. The dimensions are: Length 6.14” (156mm) Head 1.59” (40.4mm) Body 1.05” (26.6mm) while the weight is  7.83 oz. (222g) including battery. This light is equipped with a charging base that allows you to have the light always ready for use and with the battery always charged. Ideal for those who use the torch for work. You don't have to remember to charge the battery every time, just place the light on its charging base. The magnetic charging cradle can be fixed on the desk/wall by two screws and can be separated with the magnetic charging cable so you can charge the flashlight independent of the cradle if needed.  The package contains everything you need to start using the flashlight right away. In fact, we have: Fenix ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 Li-ion battery, charging cradle, magnetic charging cable, lanyard, 2 spare o-rings, belt clip, warranty card and user manual.

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    Flashlight Size: 6.14'' x 1.59'' x 1.05'' / 156x 40.4 x 26.6 mm
    Charging cradle size: 3.02'' x 1.72'' x 1.85''/ 76.7 x 43.7 x 47 mm
    ANSI/PLATO FL1 General Mode Flash Mode
    Turbo High Med Eco Strobe SOS
    Output 3000 lumens 1000 lumens 350 lumens 30 lumens 3000 lumens 100 lumens
    Runtime 2 hours 41 minutes* 2 hours 47 minutes 8 hours 56 minutes 44 hours 8 minutes / /
    Distance 450 meters 264 meters 155 meters 47 meters / /
    Intensity 52888 candela 17483 candela 5997 candela 540 candela / /
    Impact Resistance 1 meter
    Submersible IP68