Astrolux Launches ED01 Long range 1287 Lumens Flashlight

Astrolux Launches ED01 Long range 1287 Lumens Flashlight

Another addition to their compact EDC range, this time the ED01 has an impressive beam output, giving you a more focussed longer range one which can reach up to 451 metres. And it also have a 175 degree beam output for a wider floodlight.

It features 3 power levels from a low of 10 lumens up to 1287 lumens, and RGB mode for an impressive Auxillary LED display in the main reflector, a tail light has an ambient lighting effect too, and it has a high power strobe mode.

One of the attractions of this model is the ability to use two types of rechargeable Li-ion batteries. It comes with a shorter tube for 18350 cells, or you can  use it with regular 18650 ones.

A built in type C charging port with charge indicators, is protected by screwing down the head, so no flap cover to damage or lose.

It’s IPX6 rated for water and dust resistance, and impact tested to 1 metre. Using an aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bezel, it’s sure to give long term service with it’s durable body construction.

This flashlight is small by any standards 11.77cm or 8,8cm length (18650 or 18350), x 2.68cm x 2.53cm (head x body diameter). Weight is around 75g (no battery).

Longer range beam up to 451 metres, with a choice of 18350 or 18650 cells

There are three power levels on this model, from a low of 10 lumens, you also have a mid level of 550 lumens and a high of 1287 lumens. Strobe is rated to 1200 lumens and useful for self defence.

With an excellent beam profile and high candela of 50850cd, the ED01 can reach up to 451 metres and offer a 175 degree floodlight.

Run times are up to 72 hours in the low (10 lumen) mode.

The included short tube can be used to make an even more compact EDC carry flashlight,  or the shorter 18350 cells, or use the popular 18650 tube so you can enjoyu longer run times.

A type C charging port is built into the body, it has charge level indicators, and protected from dirt/water when it’s screwed down.

Astroxlux also include spare O rings, a lanyard and a stainless steel double clip for an effective pocket/bag carry.

A single tail switch UI is simple and easy for users to pick up, and it has a mode memory too. This compact dual source flashlight is both affordable and offers an impressive range making it a versatile pocket thrower.

Quality anodized aluminum body is both drop and water resistance for use in all weather conditions, thanks to the IPX6 rating.

Astrolux ED01 Key features

> Luminleds HL2X LED with an output up to 1287 lumens and max range of 451 metres
> Five modes including 3 power levels, an RGB mode and Strobe
> RGB lighting effects (breathing, pulsing etc), tail cap ambient lighting
> Choice of 18350 or 18650 cells with included short tube
> Small size: 11.77cm or 8,8cm length (18650 or 18350), x 2.68cm x 2.53cm (head x body diameter). Weight 75g (no cell)
> Type C charging port with screw down cover to prevent water/dirt entering
> Single switch base UI for ease of use
> Charge level check indicators
> Stainless steel bezel
> Run time up to 72 hours (10 lumens)
> Newly designed optical lens with a wide 175 degree beam spread
> Drop tested to 1 metre, with IPX6 water resistance rating, aluminum alloy body

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