Mateminco SL02 EDC Flashlight

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The Mateminco SL02 is an innovative and versatile head torch, designed to deliver outstanding performance and a superior lighting experience. With its powerful Lumileds HL2X LED light source and a 175° wide-angle lens, this torch delivers a wide, even beam of light, making it suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

The Mateminco SL02 is powered by a powerful Lumileds HL2X LED light source that offers an impressive maximum output of 1287 lumens. With this light output, the flashlight is able to effectively illuminate up to a maximum distance of 451 meters, allowing you to see clearly even in extremely dark and distant environments. Whether you're camping, hiking at night or involved in research activities, the SL02 will provide you with the light you need to tackle any challenge.

A distinctive feature of the Mateminco SL02 is its ability to offer both a wide and concentrated beam, thanks to the combination of floodlight and spotlight. The 175° floodlight beam spreads evenly throughout the surrounding area, illuminating large spaces and making the flashlight perfect for general use or for situations where a wide, clear view is required. Conversely, the spotlight beam focuses on the distance, allowing you to locate distant objects and details with precision and clarity. This versatility allows the user to easily adapt the light to different needs and situations.

The Mateminco SL02 is not only a powerful head torch, but also an exceptionally designed product. The head of the torch features a breathing effect and colorful light, adding a touch of style and creativity. The tail features gradient mood light, which creates an eye-catching and pleasant atmosphere when using. These design elements make the SL02 a one-of-a-kind flashlight, setting it apart from other flashlights on the market.

The Mateminco SL02 features a convenient mode memory function, which stores the last used lighting mode. This way, when you turn the flashlight back on, it automatically returns to the last setting used, without having to search for your favorite mode again. This intuitive feature makes using the flashlight easier and more convenient.

The Mateminco SL02's versatility also extends to its tube configuration. The flashlight features a long tube, powered by a 18650 battery, and a short tube, powered by a 18350 battery. This option allows the user to choose between a longer and more powerful setup or a more compact and lightweight one, depending depending on personal needs and preferences.

The Mateminco SL02 is built to last. Its sturdy construction is made of high-quality materials, ensuring superior strength and durability. Additionally, the flashlight is IPX6 rated, which means it is water resistant and can handle rain and splashes without a problem. This feature makes it suitable for use in variable weather conditions or adverse outdoor situations.

The Mateminco SL02 has been designed to be compact and easily transportable. With a length of 117.7mm and head and tail diameters of 26.8mm and 25.8mm respectively, the flashlight fits comfortably in your pocket or backpack without taking up too much space. Its light weight, combined with powerful performance, makes it ideal for daily carry and outdoor adventures. In conclusion, the Mateminco SL02 is an outstanding head torch that combines powerful performance, fascinating design and versatility in one package. With its combination of floodlight and spotlight light, mode memory, long or short tube, and waterproofing, the SL02 proves to be a reliable tool for a wide variety of activities, from camping and hiking to home use and emergencies. With an eye for detail and innovation, Mateminco has created a head torch that will meet the needs of anyone looking for a high quality, reliable light source.

Lumileds HL2X LED,175° wide-angle lens
Max output: 1287 lumens
Max beam distance: 451m
Floodlight +Spotlight
Head: Breathing+Colorful
Tail: gradient atmosphere light
Memory mode
Long tube powered by 18650 battery, attached with short tube, powered by 18350 battery
Waterproof: IPX6
Size: 117.7mm (length)*26.8mm (head)* 25.8mm (tail)