Convoy Launches 3X21C High Power 15000 lumens searchlight

Convoy Launches 3X21C High Power 15000 lumens searchlight

A new powerful model from Convoy, this time built around an array of 7 LED’s, in a rugged and durable body with a secure yet removable handle.

A large side switch has a practical user interface, with a ramping UI (and a choice of ramping ranges), with shortcuts to turbo and strobe modes.A choice of color temperature with this model, a normal cooler 6500K and a warmer 5000K.

Power is via 3 x 21700 batteries (which can be bought with the flashlight), special high drain cells are recommended to power the Convoy.

The body is designed to be durable and resist water and dust, with a strong aluminum alloy body, with hardened anti reflective coated lens. Yet the size is also manageable for the power output, a length of 148mm x 74mm (head diameter) x 50mm (tube diameter), and weight of 536g (including handle).

15000 lumens with a choice of  2 color temperatures

7 x SST40 LEDs power the 3X21C, with it’s blazing 15K lumens output. But Convoy have given users a choice, of a normal cool white (6500K) or a warmer (5000K) color temperature.

Cool white is better for increasing effective light output, giving the output a priority. Warmer white (this one is close to daylight 5000K), gives a more natural output which some find more pleasant and easier on the eyes for extended periods of time.

The orange peel reflectors help give an even illumination to the beam profile, with the usual protections in place such as low voltage auto power off, to avoid over discharging the cells, reverse polarity protection. Deep grooves around the head and body help to remove the heat, and provide safe continuous use.

Charging is possible in the flashlight via USB type C, and it’s capable of providing up to 3A speed, making charge times quite short.

Single large side switch with  ramping UI and custom settings

Convoy have given users a choice of operation with this flashlight, the standard ramping mode can go all the way up to the Turbo output. But you can also pick other levels for ramping such as 10%-40%, 1%-10% etc. This could be useful it you need an alternative output or range. Shortcuts to strobe/turbo are provided, moonlight (0.2% output) and a special tactical mode is include, with lock-oout and a battery voltage check.

Glass cover is not only anti reflective coated, but tempered to resist cracks and damage, with a high grade anodized aluminum alloy body, removable handle and protection against water and dust. The convoy offers not only stunning power output; it costs far less than many of the premium brands. Convoy are known for their value and quality, this one will surely please fans who are looking for a high power flashlight.

Convoy 3X21C  Key Features

> 7 x SST40 LEDs with a top Turbo output of 15000 lumens
> Size of 148mm x 74mm x 50mm (length x head diameter x body diameter) weight of  536g (including handle)
> Choice of Cool (6500K) or Warm White (5000K) LEDs
> Stainless steel bezel
> Simple Ramping UI with customisable levels, strobe/turbo shortcuts
> Tactical mode and lock-out
> Battery voltage check, with low voltage power off
> Type C charging port with fast 3A speed
> Advanced thermal management with deep heatsink type grooves to help dissipate heat> Sturdy removable ergonomic handle
> Anodized Aluminum Alloy body with water/dust resistance, AR coated lens with toughened glass
> Powered via 3 x 21700 batteries
> Optional Molicel P42A batteries, these high quality cells can handle a powerful 45A (4200mAh)

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