Fenix Announces ALL-New CL28R 2000 Lumen Outdoor Working Lantern

Fenix Announces ALL-New CL28R 2000 Lumen Outdoor Working Lantern

A new outdoor lantern/light from Fenix, with a modern design and robust body design, features a magnetic grip, making it suitable for many uses, as a working light, camping, or an auxiliary light source for pictures or video.

The CL28R has a maximum output of 2000 lumens (range of 58 metres), featuring a step less brightness and color temperature. The Kelvin range is from 2700K to 6500K, via simple large rotary dials making adjustments fast and easy. A Red light is also featured on this model, with a power level of 9 lumens (range 4.5 metres), it also has a flashing mode too for signalling.

A built in battery level indicator, a 360 degree rotary handle which has a magnetic base, and a tripod thread. All useful practical features which make the Fenix CL28R a must have for a working or camping light. Back up with a high capacity battery (2 x 5000mAh cells for 10,000mAh combined) with type C charging, and power bank function all wrapped up in a tough T6 hardened aluminum body with IP66 weather resistance.

The small size makes this a very portable solution. At just 100mm x 97mm x 41mm (3.94” x 3.82” x 1.61”), it has a weigh of 376g (13.26oz)

Stepless power and Kelvin levels with an additional Red LED

The CL28R has a stepless control of it’s power output, up to 2000 lumens with a range of 58 metres, it has a wide and powerful beam lighting up a large area with ease. At a low level of 10 lumens the light can last as long as 460 hours (run time is quoted at 9 hours for 2000 lumens and 10 hours at 1000 lumens)

The Red LED is useful for safety or preservation of night sight, it also has the advantage of not attracting insects. This output is up to 9 lumens (for 170 hours) and a range of 4.5 metres. A flashing mode can alert people to potential hazards, this is an ideal working light for construction sites, camping.

The Kelvin range is wide, from a warm 2700K up to a cooler 6500K. Again stepless control on this gives you complete freedom to set the desired output in both power and temperature to a very fine degree. The lantern also remember the last color temperature set.

Dual Rotary Dials, with a powerbank function and magnetic base/tripod mount

Fenix have worked hard on the design of the CL28R, the 2 large ergonomic dials allow quick and precise control of the light output and color temperature. Positioned at the top of the body, they are always within reach, and big enough to easily use even with working gloves on.

A 360 Degree bracket allows full angle adjustment on the body, the base features strong magnets, and a tripod thread so it can be mounted onto a tripod for work or use as a video or photography light source.

Charging is via a Type C port, and can fully recharge the light in around 4 hours, an impressive feat considering the high 10,000mAh capacity of the battery. It is also possible to run the CL28R when it is charging. Support for Power Delivery protocols (PD3.0 and PD2.0) and Quick Charge (QC 3.0 and QC 2.0), for both charging and when use as a power bank. The power bank can be used via the Type C port, or with the additional type A  USB output for extra compatibility with many devices. The power bank has over discharge protection, which stops the discharging when the voltage is under 2.9V.

The 4 lights for the battery level have 5 stages, the 1-4 levels showing 20% power left up to 100%, when a single LED is flashing the power is between 1 and 20%.

Weather resistance is IP66 resisting dust and water ingression, and it has been tested up to 1.5 metres drop distance. Encased in a high grade exterior made from A6061-T6 Aluminum with a type HAIII coating to resist marks and abrasions. It’s a tough lantern designed for use outdoors in all weather conditions.

Fenix CL28R Key Features

> High power output up to 2000 lumens (wide beam with a range of 58 metres)
Kelvin levels from 2700K to 6500K
Rotary dials for easy infinite variable adjustment of Power and Color Temperature (Stepless)
High capacity battery (10,000mAh) with a run time up to 360 hours (low level 10 lumens)
4 LED Battery level indicator (in 5 stages)
Rugged compact design: 100mm x 97mm x 41mm, weight of 376g
High grade case materials, A6061-T6 Aluminum with a type HAIII coating
Power Bank Function with support for PD and QC (Power delivery and Quick Charge)
Type C port with additional Type A port (Type C charging, both ports can be used in power bank mode)
IP66 Weather resistance, drop tested to 1.5 metres
360 degree bracket for perfect angle and positioning, with magnetic base and tripod thread

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