Fenix CL28R Multifunctional Outdoor Lantern

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The Fenix CL28R is a compact and powerful lantern capable of delivering white and red light and with a maximum output of 2000 lumens. This torch produces a beam that radiates light at 160°. It is equipped with a COB LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The light temperature can be changed from 2700 K up to 6000 K. The torch is equipped with two rotary knobs which allow you to vary the light intensity and the color temperature of the light.

The power supply of the torch is guaranteed by two large capacity 5000 mah batteries which allow for high runtimes. The output levels are three for the main LED and two for the red light. They are divided as follows: for the main white light LED we have a Low level of 10 lumens with 360 hours of autonomy at a maximum distance of 4 m and a maximum luminous intensity of 3.8 candles, a Medium level of 1000 lumens with 10 hours of maximum autonomy and a maximum reachable distance of 42 m corresponding to 440 candles and a High level of 2000 lumens with a maximum duration of 9 hours at a maximum reachable distance of 58 m and a maximum luminous intensity of 880 candles. For the red light LED, on the other hand, we have a 9 lumens level with a maximum autonomy of 170 hours, a maximum reachable distance of 4.5 meters and a maximum luminous intensity of 4.6 candelas, and a flashing level again of 9 lumens with a maximum duration of 340 hours and an intensity maximum light of 4.6 candelas.

On the front, the Fenix CL28R is equipped with a series of 4 blue status LEDs that light up to indicate the progress of the battery charge. Between the two rotary switches, the Fenix CL28R has the Type-C charging interface well protected by a thick rubber cap. In addition to this there is also a USB-A fast charging port that allows you to power any type of electronic device compatible with a USB cable. This way this flashlight can also be used as a power bank.

At the front there are dissipation fins that help disperse the heat produced by the LED when the light is switched on at high output levels.

The handle of the Fenix CL28R rotates 360 degrees, it is made of sturdy and resistant plastic. Inside there are powerful neodymium magnets that allow the flashlight to be attached to any ferromagnetic surface. On the rotating handle there is also the ¼ screw to allow the torch to be connected to a tripod for example. the dimensions of the Fenix CL28R are 100mm high, 97mm wide and 41mm thick, while the weight is 376g including the battery. The water resistance is given by the IP66 standard while the impact resistance is 1.5 meters high. The package includes a type-C charging cable, Warranty card, user manual and a key ring.

  SIZE: 3.94"x3.82"x1.61"/100x97×41mm. WEIGHT: 13.26  oz/376  g(including  battery)
OUTPUT 2000 lumens     1000 lumens 10 lumens 9 lumens 9 lumens
RUNTIME 9 hours*     10 hours         360 hours 170 hours   340 hours
DISTANCE 58 meters  42.meters          4 meters 4.5 meters         /
INTENSITY 880 candela     440 candela     3.8 candela 4.6 candela   4.6 candela
1.5 meters