Fenix Release ALL-new LR40R V2.0 Powerful 15000 lumens Long range search flashlight

Fenix Release ALL-new LR40R V2.0 Powerful 15000 lumens Long range search flashlight

This stunning new model from Fenix has some impressive features in addition to the high output of 15000 lumens, it has a single high power LED for spotlight and 16 ones for the spotlight mode. It is also possible to mix spotlight and floodlight beam patterns at various levels giving you ultimate flexibility. 16 modes are possible including a strobe and SOS.

A range of 900 metres is possible in the spotlight high mode (3000 lumens) or the mixed spotlight and flood mode (15000 lumens). Run times are up to 177 hours (eco setting spotlight 10 lumens).

The built in battery pack contains 3 high performance 21700 batteries (3 x 5000mAh) which can handle the highest power drain required for the LR40R. You can also use the battery pack as a power bank via the Type A port.

Fenix are using their unique rotary switch, this allows single handed operation and switching between the modes (spot and flood or mixed beam, and a lock-out), the single click switch in the middle adjusts the output.

As expected a premium HAIII hard heat treated aluminum finish is both durable and resists abrasions. IP68 water resistance to 2 metres and impact resistant to 1 metre drops.

The LR40R is relatively compact for it’s power output at 175mm x 82mm x 55mm (length/head/body) and is 842.5g in weight (with included battery pack).

16 modes with a choice of Spotlight, Floodlight or Combination Beams up to 900 metres range

Using a Luminus SFT70 LED for the main spotlight beam, there are 4 power levels for this mode ranging from 10, 500, 1500 and 3000 lumens. Color temperature is around 6000K.

Floodlight is provided with an array of 16 Lumileds HL2X LEDs which sit around the diameter of the reflector. This mode has 5 power levels from 100, 1000, 3000, 8000 and finally 12000 lumens in Turbo mode.

The Combined beam of Spotlight and Floodlight also has 5 levels from 300/1500/5000/10000/15000 lumens. This gives a very useful spread and range beam.

Up to 900 metres is possible with the Turbo modes in spotlight and the spotlight and flood settings.

Strobe also has an output of 15000 lumens, with SOS hitting 500 lumens. Useful for distracting would be attackers, or signalling in an emergency.A built in sensor reduces the output if it detects objects, this safety feature prevents damage/burns to items if they are placed up close (distance is 60mm).

Power is via the high performance built in battery pack which has 3 x 5000mAh cells, they are charged via USB C, and a USB A port is provided to use as an emergency power bank (for a phone or other device).

Rotary toggle switch for simple mode selection, with electronic centre switch

Picking the mode and output could not be easier on the Fenix, with the clever rotary dial switch, this has 4 positions, spotlight, floodlight and the combined spot/flood beams, with a lock-out. Simply press the centre switch/button to adjust the power levels. It’s so easy even single handed operation is possible, and far more intuitive to quickly switch modes.

With such a big output it is important to know how much power is left, thanks to a 5 stage LED display just above the main switch/dial, you can clearly see how much power is in the battery pack. Rapid charging is also possible, with a recharge time of just 4 hours from flat to full, an impressive feat considering the high battery capacity.

The Fenix is built to last in all weather conditions, thanks to the high IP68 dust/water resistance rating it can survive for up to 2 metres water submersion. Hardened heat treated aluminum can handle drops of up to 1 metre.

LR40R is a unique and appealing offering from Fenix, the ability to pick beam patterns, wide levels of power output, and portable size makes it a must have for serious flashlight enthusiasts, or users who demand high end performance with the ability to light up larger areas and longer distances.

Fenix LR40R Key Features:

> Huge 15000 lumens output (spot and flood beam) with a range of up to 900 metres
> Floodlight up to 12000 lumens, Spotlight 3000 lumens
> Luminus SFT70 LED &16 Lumileds HL2X provide Spotlight, Floodlight, and Combined Spot/Flood beam profiles
> 6000K color temperature
> Compact soda can profile: 175mm x 82mm x 55mm, Weight  842.5g (including battery pack)
> 16 modes including 14 power levels and 2 strobe modes (normal strobe and SOS)
> Rotary toggle switch for mode selection (3 modes and lock-out), with central switch
> 3 x 5000mAh built in power pack, with Type C charging and Power bank function
> 5 stage battery level indicator
> Up to 177 hours run time (eco spot 10 lm)
> Distance sensor reduces power levels when close to objects
> Rapid charging in just 4 hours from flat to full capacity
> Durable heat treated aluminum body, drop tested to 1 metre, IP68 water resistance to 2 metres

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