Imalent Launches "MR90": All-New High lumen flashlight with 8 xhp70.2 lamp beads

Imalent Launches "MR90": All-New High lumen flashlight with 8 xhp70.2 lamp beads

Imalent is known in the flashlight industry for its High Power flashlights, and the MS18 has 100,000 lumens, which no one has ever surpassed. Imalent's flashlight style is unique, and the dual-fan cooling is also a standard feature, and the brand features of the appearance can be identified at a glance. Recently, Imalent officially launched new 50000 lumen flashlight-Imalent MR90.

Imalent MR90 is a special-shaped flashlight with 8 xhp70.2 lamp beads forming a crescent shape, encircling the SBT90.2 lamp beads in the middle, with distinctive lighting features of both far and near, 50000 lumens, bringing a different lighting experience.

High lumen flashlight, the violence aesthetics of illumination

CREE XHP70.2 led is the current mainstream high-power floodlight bead. MR90 uses eight beads, which are continuously arranged on one side of the lamp holder in a semicircle. The eight beads can emit 44500 lumens at the maximum power.

A Luminus SBT90.2 LED is located slightly off center on one side of the lamp holder, which is also the most powerful long-range lamp bead at present. In MR90, it can emit up to 4500 lumens of luminous flux.

In order to cooperate with the lamp beads with two kinds of light effects to play a better role, Imalent MR90 uses a star and moon special-shaped aluminum alloy light cup, which can be used independently for focusing and flooding. The 8 floodlight 70.2 lamp beads use a shallow orange light cup, which is conducive to scattering the light and forming a better floodlight effect. One 90.2 spotlight bead adopts 55mm big bore smooth surface deep light cup, which can better converge light.

Only 90.2 spot lighting is turned on, the light column is straight and transparent, the maximum light intensity in the center is close to 630000 CD, and the maximum lighting distance is more than 1.5 kilometers, just like a laser sword pointing directly at the night sky, and the Big Dipper is also gloomy. The central main light column has almost no divergence, and the spotlight cup forms a darker light cone at about 60 degrees.

Simple and convenient adjustment and control

Imalent's flashlights are basically dimmed by pressing the switch on the side, and the metal side button is located on the plane of the lamp neck, which is conducive to finding the operation quickly by hand in the dark. The diameter of the switch is about 13 mm, the inside is an electronic switch, and the life is more than 100,000 times.

Holding Imalent MR90, the thumb can naturally fall on the position of the switch. There are anti-skid lines on the surface of the switch, which further improves the pressing feel. The key travel is about 1mm. The triggering feel is clear and easy to operate.

Both the Imalent MR90's spotlight and floodlight can be used alone. By clicking on the switch, the MR90 will turn on the memory gear, which is the form of illumination when it was last turned off. At this time, quickly press the switch three times to switch between the three modes of pure spotlight, pure floodlight and full open, and the gear remains unchanged.

After startup, press the switch for a long time, and the MR90 will start the normal gear cycle: ultra-low brightness 2500lm — low brightness 6500lm — medium low brightness 10000lm — medium brightness 18000lm-high brightness 18000lm, and then let go until the required brightness is reached. In case of pure floodlight: 1300lm, 4600lm, 7800lm, 15000lm and 27000lm; 700lm, 1300lm, 1800 LM, 2800 LM and 3500 LM respectively in case of pure condensation. For outdoor use, you can always find the right brightness.

Classic shape to cope with harsh use environment

Imalent MR90 has a net weight of more than 900g and a length of 152mm. However, the proportion design of MR90 lamp body is more scientific. The center of gravity is located at the step position of the lamp neck. Although it is somewhat pressing in the hand, it can also be used flexibly and carried easily, which ensures the lightweight tactical use requirements.

The outer diameter of the MR90 lamp holder reaches 92mm, the diameters of the two steps of the lamp neck are 70mm and 62mm respectively, and the diameter of the tube body is 56mm. The material is solid and the hand feeling is solid.

Imalent MR90 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, with a black three-level military regulation hard oxide layer on the surface. It is lightweight, fast in heat dissipation, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and has an overall drop resistance of 1 meter.

MR90 tube body adopts a large area of horizontal ring, with deeper vertical and horizontal square lines, to improve the stability of holding and use, but also has the function of ventilation, to avoid contamination of fingerprints. The diameter of MR90 cylinder is 56mm, and it feels good.

The Imalent MR90 charging port uses a standard 20 V charging power supply, which can quickly recharge the MR90 with a power of nearly 40 watts. There is a charging process indicator light on the outer edge of the charging port. The red light is on during charging, and the green light is on when fully charged. It can be fully charged in more than two hours.

In order to ensure stable use in complex outdoor environment, MR90's dustproof and waterproof ability has reached IP56 level, which can be used in rainstorm conditions without failure, suitable for outdoor all-weather use, and is a sufficient emergency guarantee.

High brightness, long endurance, meeting the needs of multi-scene lighting

The Imalent MR90 is powered by an integrated battery bar, which contains four parallel 21700 batteries with high-rate discharge. The battery bar uses gold-plated positive contacts on the surface to minimize contact resistance and ensure high-efficiency lighting.

The Imalent MR90 battery stick has a power of 16000mAh and 46 Wh, which ensures the high power output of the flashlight for a long time. The room temperature is about 23.3 ℃. Use the illuminometer to objectively test the endurance performance of MR90 and record the illuminance data. Because the center brightness is high and the light is strong, the lamp holder is about 1.8 meters away from the illuminometer. The lamp holder and the cylinder body are connected to a dual-channel thermocouple to measure the temperature change.

MR90 uses an intelligent temperature control circuit to automatically adjust the output according to the temperature in the lamp holder, so as to ensure a more reasonable use and avoid overheating and light decay of the lamp beads. After the extreme brightness is turned on, the luminous flux of 50000lm brings huge heat, and the circuit controls the automatic downshift, which takes about 1 minute to drop to slightly lower than the medium brightness gear (18000lm), and begins to maintain horizontal output.

Generally speaking, the IMALENT MR90 flashlight has three lighting modes that can be easily adjusted, 18 kinds of brightness that can be taken into account, a solid tube body that is easy to carry, high-power fast charging and rapid replenishment, stable constant current output performance, obvious fan cooling effect, strong and stable lighting performance, and a good use experience. It can be widely used in tactical, duty, search and rescue, outdoor activities and other scenarios, and is also a good equipment and choice for ordinary users and flashlight enthusiasts.

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