Introducing Lumintop Thanos 23 Dual Output 27000 lumens flashlight

Introducing Lumintop Thanos 23 Dual Output 27000 lumens flashlight

The Thanos 23 is another welcome addition to the “high performance” range from Lumintop. This model has some unique features that might make it more appealing to some users.

Unlike many high power flashlights, this one has a dual output using 8 Cree LEDs for the main flood beam, and a Luminus LED dedicated to a spotlight pattern. You can also combine both for a mix of flood and spotlight!

At the top output of 26000 lumens for floodlight you can reach as far as 500m, 600m in spotlight (1800lm), and the combo using both beams hits the headline figure of 27000 lumens and up to 700 metres. Run times are up to 60 days (flood or spot moonlight 1 lumen).

3 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries power the Thanos 23 (button top cells required). A built in Type C port can be used for charging or as the power bank function. Lumintop also included a type A port giving increased options with the power bank.

The body design is from premium materials with large thick grooves on the head to improve heat dissipation. A ¼” thread is machined into the body and allows you to attach a strap, lanyard or bucket/D ring, or of course tripod mount it for maximum stability. This could make a useful work or patrol flashlight.

Aluminum alloy is heat treated and coated with type III HA ensuring a long endurance. With IP68 Weather resistance, (up to 2 metres submersion), drop tested to 1 metre. This is easily carried around thanks to the moderate size, 153mm x 68mm x 51mm (length x head diameter x body diameter). Weight is 550g with no batteries.

Floodlight, Spotlight or Combination Beam up to 700m range with 27000 lumens

One of the versatile areas of the Thanos 23, is the ability to use Floodlight beam, Spotlight beam or combo beam using both together.

The 8 x Cree XHP50.2 LEDs deal with the floodlight which can output up to 26000 lumens and 500 metres range.

A single Luminus SFT40 LED is the spotlight output, it hits 1800 lumens in Turbo and reaches 600 metres range. The combo beam is 700 metres range with 27000 lumens. A huge output, but the ability to use these different beam patterns ensures users will have a wide choice of light to suit their needs.

Candela for spotlight, 90000cd, floodlight 62500cd, combo 125000cd.Charing the 3 x 21700 cells is via a type C port. This also supports rapid charging with with support for PD (power delivery) PD 2.0/3.0, Quick charge protocols (QC 2.0, 3.0, 3+) with higher voltages and amps supported. Up to 4A charging current for a fast charge from flat.

Type C port can also be used as a power bank, as can the Type A both are integrated into the tail cap and area accessed by unscrewing the cap. This also reveals a detailed LCD display showing voltage/amps and battery % among others and can be cycles to different settings with the button.

Large Side E Switch for Easy Operation

Using the side switch, (which is also back lit and can be turned off if desired), all operations are simple and easy to remember. With shortcuts to Moonlight/Turbo/Strobe/ a battery check, shifting the 3 modes, you can adjust the output by push/hold (ramping level) with a memory for the last setting.

Quality build is enhanced with body anti slip knurling, for a firm hold on the flashlight. It’s using the type III hard anodized finish, with heat treated aluminum alloy this provides a strong finish which is resistant to damage. IP68 water resistance up to 2 meters (30 minutes) with a drop test of 1 metre. A hardened glass cover has anti reflective coatings.

This powerful yet compact flashlight can be used for many activities, such as working environments, camping or search and rescue. The ability to pick the beam pattern, and built in power bank will appeal to many enthusiasts and users.

Lumintop Thanos 23 Key Features

> Choice of Floodlight, Spotlight, and Combined beam patterns for a power of up to 27000 lumens
Maximum range Floodlight (500m), Spotlight (600m), Combined (700m)
Portable form factor – 153mm x 68mm x 51mm (length x head diameter x body diameter). Weight of 550g (no cells)
Large LCD display on tail cap showing power/voltage/amps etc, with button to cycle information
8 x Cree XHP50.2 and 1 x Luminus SFT40 LEDs
Multiple protections, over discharged, charge, thermal
Powered by 3 x 21700 batteries (button top cells required)
Supports rapid charging and Quick Charge (QC) & Power Delivery (PD) protocols for higher voltage/amps
Power bank with Type C and A ports available
Backlit large side switch with simple UI with shortcuts and lock-out function
IP68 Water resistant, 2 meters water submersion, 1 metre drop tested, dust proof
Quality anodized aluminum body with hard coating, and heat treated glass cover
> 1/4” Tripod thread

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