Lumintop Thanos 23 Dual Source Outdoor Flashlight

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LED: 1pcs SFT40 LED+8 pcs XHP 50.2 LED.
Power: 266W
Distance: 500 meters to 700 meters
Intensity: 90000cd to 125000cd.
Battery support: 3pcs 21700 Li-ion battery, with button-top, max length 72mm
Flashlight weight: 550g(Aluminum, not including battery)

Operation Instruction:
General Mode: Low, Med, High (with memory)
Hidden mode: Moonlight, Turbo, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (without memory)
1. ON/OFF: Fully press the switch for ON/OFF.
2. Output change: Press and hold the switch from ON will change the outputs from Low-Med-High, release the switch then press and hold again will shift the outputs from High-Med-Low.
3. Rapid High: Two Clicks from OFF.
4. Moonlight: Press and hold the switch for 1 second from OFF. Press and hold the switch again will cycle modes from the general mode.
5. Turbo: Two quick clicks from ON, another two clicks will return to the previous mode. Two clicks the switch and hold the second from OFF will momentarily activate the Turbo mode until the button is released.
6. Strobe/SOS/Beacon: From Moonlight, two quick clicks the switch to enter Strobe, another two clicks to cycle through SOS-Beacon-Strobe.
7. Light source shifting: 3 clicks the switch will shift the light sources.
8. Battery check: Three clicks the switch from OFF.
Blink 3 times then another 7 times 3.7V.
Blink 3 times then another 8 times, 3.8V. and so on.
9. Lock-out/Unlock: 5 click from OFF. Momentary ON is available when pressing the switch.
10. Switch back-lit light ON/OFF: Continuously 7 clicks from OFF.
Green: Flood light
Blue: Spotlight
Combo: Combo light.

Other function:
Mode Memory function; TYPE-C quick charge/Discharge function.
Overcharge Protection ; Over-discharge protection; Reverse protection.

For future more detail, please check with our user manual .