Introducing the EDC27 3000 Lumen Flat EDC Flashlight From Nitecore

Introducing the EDC27 3000 Lumen Flat EDC Flashlight From Nitecore

Nitecore, a worldwide leader when it comes to the production of excellent lighting products and flashlights, has once again raised the bar high by introducing the EDC27 3000 Lumen Flat EDC Flashlight. The ultra-slim flat shape high-performance flashlight has dual Luminous SST40 LEDs, which enables it to produce a maximum of 3000 lumens. A maximum beam throw distance makes it suitable for scouts and professionals whose jobs revolve around dark corners. 

Because of its flat shape, the flashlight is designed to fit in almost any space available. It's thinner than almost any other compact flashlight of its capabilities in the market. Having been constructed entirely of steel and PVD coated with titanium, it is water and impact resistant, and it's rated IP54. It won't bend in your pocket, nor will it be affected in case of an accidental fall into wet environments. You can carry the flashlight all day, every day, without worrying about its safety because of an included lanyard and a heavy-duty pocket clip. 

The EDC27 is also easy to operate as it features a side-by-side dual tail switch system which enables fast activation, strobe development, and changing between the different lighting modes. The same mode button also functions as a strobe switch. To get to the turbo mode, hold the mode button, regardless of whether the flashlight is on or off. Suitable for outdoor activities or emergency purposes, the flashlight's five brightness settings allow it to cover all your lighting needs. 

The EDC27 works on a 1700mAh battery. On a single charge, the built-in battery can power the flashlight for up to 37 hours. And when it runs out of power, it can be charged through a built-in fast charging type C port for fast rapid charging to full in just an hour and 15 minutes. With its flat shape, the EDC26 features an OLED digital display screen which gives it a modern stylistic touch. The screen shows data on brightness level, remaining runtime, and any useful battery information for users. 

The EDC27 in a Nutshell

  • Maximum Output; The flashlight can deliver a maximum output of 3000 lumens. 
  • Peak beam distance; The beams can travel 240 years on the highest brightness setting. 
  • IP Rating; The flashlight is rated IP54, capable of resisting water, dust, and other foreign substances. 
  • Impact Resistant; Capable of resisting any external forces from a distance of 1 meter or less. 
  • Compact and Lightweight; Compared to most other flashlights of its nature and capability, the EDC27 is lighter as it weighs only 4.37 oz. Also, it measures 5.34 inches in length, 1.24 inches in width, and 0.5 inches in height. 
  • Power Source; The EDC27 is powered by a built-in 1700 mAh battery which is charged through a built- in type C port. To charge it, there's a charging cable connected to the power source and then to the built-in port. 
  • Maximum Runtime; The flashlight can operate continuously on a single charge for up to 37 hours on the ultra-low setting. 
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