Klarus CL3: All-new 280 Lumens Multi Mode Camping Lantern

Klarus CL3: All-new 280 Lumens Multi Mode Camping Lantern

A mix of vintage and modern design is the theme of the new CL3 camping lantern.

This attractive light also has some useful features which will appeal to many users, including 3 different color temperatures with 4 brightness settings.

At the highest level the CL3 can output 280 lumens in an even and diffused pattern, and a run time of up to 13 hours (orange mode 50 lumens). Using an 18650 battery built into the lantern (capacity 2600mAh).

It also features a simple push button switch, thread at the base of the “metal” protective cage, and a magnetic top which makes it ideal for work use too. You can hold small items like bolts and screws when you work.

It uses type C charging (charging time around 4.2 hours from flat to full).And is IPX5 rated for weatherproofing, you can use it with confidence in all weather conditions.

A light unit at just 201.5g, it measures 161.1mm x 83.8mm.

3 Color temperatures with 4 brightness levels

Klarus are using 6 x 5730 and 12 x 2835 LEDs which are capable of outputting a standard neutral white at 4000 kelvins, a warm white at 2700 kelvins, and an orange light of 1300 kelvins. Top output varies from 280lm for the neutral white, 110 lumens for the warm white and 50 lumens for the orange light.

At 280 lumens the light radius is around 7 metres and can light up an area of around 153m squared taking into account the 360 degree output. A uniform and even beam spread which is required from any quality camping lantern.

The CL3 also has a unique special “Pulse Sleep Mode” which stays on for 20 minutes and auto shuts off. This uses the orange light which helps users sleep, it has a special light pattern to encourage the mind to wind down and enter into a sleeping state easily.

Built in 18650 cell has a long run time, around 13 hours in the Orange mode (50lm), and 10 hours in the Warm mode (110lm), it can last all night.

Simple operation with a well placed side switch

Using a quality push button switch, it is so simple to operate the CL3, it’s a well size button with a rubber cover. You can locate it easily just be touch. Next tot his is a 3 stage power level indicator (and charge indicator). This turns from Green to Red (and flashing Red when critical).Charging using the Type C connection is quite fast at 4.2 hours.

A metal cage helps protect the lantern from drops, and the thread at the bottom of it mean you can attach it to tripods or other devices. It is quite possible to use the CL3 as a working light, the body is robust enough to be used for many activities. The rating of IPX5 means even strong rainfall won’t effect the lanterns ability to operate.

A large clip at the top makes it fast to attach to lines or wires/branches. This neat little lantern is also offers excellent value for the many features it has.

Klarus CL3 Key Features

> 3 color temperatures and 4 levels with a highest output of 280 lumens
Kelvins range from 4000K, 2700K to 1300K
Magnetic top to hold small items (screws/bolts etc) for use as a work light
Pulse Sleep Mode, uses the orange light to encourage peaceful sleep, with auto shut off
Small size: 161.1mm x 83.8mm, Weight 201.5g
Single push button switch for easy operation
3 Stage battery level indicator, with charge level
¼” Tripod thread, with clip for mounting on wire/line
Run time up to 13 hours (orange 50lm)
Powered by one built in 18650 battery (2600mAh)
Type C charging
Metal cage to protect lantern bulb, IPX5 weather resistance
Ideal for camping or as a work light

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