Klarus CL3 Soporific Ambience Camping Lantern

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The Klarus CL3 is a beautiful and elegant camping torch in the shape of a small vintage lantern. The particular retro design makes it very beautiful to show even as a piece of furniture for your home and garden. With a weight of only 201.5 g, this light is particularly compact: it is available in two different color shades. Among its main features are that of being able to produce a light with 3 different shades of color, there are 4 brightness settings to meet the different lighting needs and it is a very versatile torch that can be adapted to various scenarios. 

The high quality of the light produced has no flicker: in fact, using an anti flicker professional protection this torch completely suppresses current fluctuations and eliminates low frequency filtering. With a peak of 280 lumens and a maximum coverage of 153.94 square meters this light offers three different color temperatures for different scenarios: there is the very warm orange light of 1300K and 50 lumens ideal for creating atmosphere and a perfect ambient light, warm light 110 lumens with a color temperature of 2700K for use, for example, for reading and a 4000K neutral light when you need a lot of power, for example to illuminate a room with a maximum of 280 lumens. 

The low consumption technology allows you to use this lantern for a long time using a single charge. Thanks to the 18650 battery this lantern is equipped with, it can stay lit for over 13 hours on the lowest output level. 

Battery charging can be done via convenient and universal type-c charging port and is easy to use. The LED indicator in the upper part of the lantern provides indications on the progress of the battery charge or on the state of the charge capacity: If the indicator lights up green and it means that the cell capacity is between 15 % and 100%, if it lights up red it means that the capacity is between 5% and 15% while if it flashes red it means it is less than 5%. 

The top of the lantern has a magnet to allow you to attach the light to any metal surface. There is also a small hook to hang the flashlight anywhere. The interface management switch is large and easily activated and identifiable even in total darkness. This torch is very aesthetically beautiful thanks to its retro design but it is also very useful in various daily occasions, for camping and for use in the open air.

LED: 6x 5730 LEDs and 12x 2835 LEDs
Performance: Maximum 280 lumens, illuminates up to 153.94 sqm
Charging: USB Type-C charging
Waterproof: IPX5 waterproof design
Battery life: Equipped with a 18650 battery,13 hours on low-light setting
Lightweight: Weighs only 201.5g
Control: Push-button switch for easy operation
Modes: Four settings-1300K orange light,2700K warm light,4000K whitelight,and 1300K pulse mode,catering to various environments
Enhancements: Pulse mode design for sleep assistance and relaxation,coupled witha 20-minute auto-shutoff,greatly improves sleep efficiency