Introducing Lumintop FW21 X9LS Long Range Compact Flashlight

Introducing Lumintop FW21 X9LS Long Range Compact Flashlight

One for fans of a longer range beam, the FW21 X9LS is a pocket thrower, with a range of up to 735 metres, yet in a small ergonomically shaped body, with deep grooves on the head to help with heat management and a strong clip for carrying in a pocket or attaching it to a bag or backpack.

This model has a top output of 1800 lumens, and a ramping UI which lets you select the power level you want via a simple push/hold on the tail switch. It has a run time up to 30 days in the lowest level (1.5 lumens).

Powered via a single 21700 battery (not supplied), you can also run the flashlight off of 18650 cells too via the supplied adapter, this gives you 2 common cell types to use.

Lumintop are using a high quality aircraft grade aluminum alloy, this is both strong, has excellent heat conductivity, and resists damage and marks ensuring a long lifespan. It is rated to IPX8 for 2 metres water resistance, drop tested to 1 metre and has a strengthened glass cover with anti reflective coatings.

A handy pocket size which is 123mm x 40mm x 25.2mm (length/head/body), and a weight of 128g (without battery).

1800 lumens Turbo with a range of 735 metres

Using the Luminus SFT40 LED and a smooth deep reflector, the FW21 X9LS has a powerful beam which can stretch as far as 735 metres in Turbo (1800 lumens), giving you a superb long distance ability. Heatsinks around the head in the form of grooves improve run times and ensure good heat disspiation.

Thanks to the variable output (ramping UI) you can also set the flashlight to many different power levels, at moonlight a mere 1.5 lumens with a high level of 800 and Turbo of 1800 lumens.

Three strobe modes are present, a normal strobe, SOS, and beacon for emergency signalling.Power is via a single 21700 battery (not included max. length is 70.5mm), or use the supplied 18650 adapter (high drain cells recommended).

A nice touch is the Turbo glow LED ring, adding some visual appeal to the minimalist design.

Metal Tail Cap Switch with easy to master UI and Ramping Levels

Operating is as easy as they come, thanks to the metal electronic switch. This switch is recessed to help prevent accidental operation.

You can push and hold the switch to ramp the levels, and release when you reach the desired one (memory for this setting except Turbo/Moonlight and strobe modes), and you have quick access to moonlight, and Turbo as well as a lock-out mode.

Lumintop also included a battery check, when Off simply triple press the switch and the voltage level will be shown via a series of flashes from the main LED.

As expect the usual protections are in place, over discharge protection, reverse polarity protection and low voltage/heat protection. The long service life of the FW21 X9LS is ensured with premium components including anodized aluminum body with IP68 weather resistance (submersion 2 metres, drop tested to 1 metre).

This pocket thrower has an excellent range, is very simple to use and can be run on the two most common cells (21700/18650).

Lumintop FW21 Key Features

> Luminus SFT40 LED with a Turbo output of 1800 lumens and a range of 735m
Smooth precision made reflector gives a long beam profile of 135,000cd
Compact size: 123mm x 40mm x 25.2mm (length/head/body), weight of 128g
Ramping UI with memory and shortcuts to Turbo/Moonlight
3 Strobe modes including normal Strobe, SOS, and beacon
Takes 2 types of batteries 21700 and 18650 (cells not included, adapter for 18650 is supplied)
Metal Tail cap switch with lock-out function
Minimal simple body design with deep head grooves for improved heat dissipation
Battery Voltage check
Run time up to 30 days (moonlight 1.5 lumens)
Premium HA Hard Anodized Aluminum body with IPX68 water resistance (2 metres) and drop tested to 1 metre
Hardened glass cover with anti reflective coatings
Turbo Glow LED ring
Removable Stainless Steel Clip

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