Lumintop Launches GT3 PRO Powerful LED Flashlight With Huge 27000 Lumens Output

Lumintop Launches GT3 PRO Powerful LED Flashlight With Huge 27000 Lumens Output

GT3 Pro builds upon the popular GT3 model, and features a number of updated which users will find beneficial.

Triple LEDs now have a top output of 27000 lumens, and an impressive 707 metre range. You also have a choice of cool or neutral white emitters, both have their own benefits the cool white provides more range and intensity, with the neutral white offering more realistic and natural color reproduction.

A ramping UI lets users pick their desired output level.

Powered via 4 x 217000 batteries (available separately), the GT3 Pro also features a type C charging port, a type A one for a power bank function, a smart LCD display which shows detailed information including battery.

A high quality body offers excellent heat dissipation and can be used in all kinds of weather conditions thanks to the IP68 weather resistance rating it can survive 2 metres water submersion. Lumintop have also drop tested it to 1 metres.

Size of the GT3 Pro is 155mm x 70mm x 60mm (length/head/tube), and a weight of 610g (1.34lbs) without batteries.

Triple XHP70.2 LEDs with a range of 707 metres

Using the well respected Cree XHP70.2 LEDs (choice of cool/neutral white), these 3 LEDs can output a monstrous 27000 lumens of power in Turbo mode (candela 125000cd), enough to light up a distance of 707 metres and a wide enough beam to give notable spread too.

Output ranges from 6 lumens up to to high modes, High 1 of 4000 lumens, and High 2 of 9000 lumens. Ramping levels allow you to pick the output you need exactly.

3 Strobe modes also features on the GT3 Pro, a normal strobe, SOS and beacon (9000 lumens).

Power is provided by 4 x 21700 Li-ion batteries (can be purchased separately recommended cells with 71mm max length LG/Panasonic etc), with USB C charging and supporting fast charging and discharging of 100W up to 5 amps. This allows the GT3 Pro to charge quickly, and the addition of the USB A port, gives you a high capacity power bank, very useful for charging a phone or other device. Simply unscrew the tail cap to access the ports.

Backlit side switch with ramping UI, and LCD display

The large well positioned side switch has an easy to remember UI. With the ramping power you levels, but you can also use shortcuts to go to the Turbo (27000 lumens) and High 1/High 2, with a moonlight mode too.

Battery level check via the backlight side switch, and of course a lock-out mode to prevent accidental activation.

In addition to this the large LCD display under the tail cap, gives you a detailed readout of the battery level (in %). It also shows you the charge/discharge voltage and amps level too.

A stainless steel blue bezel protects the tempered glass cover, and this model also have a stainless steel lanyard ring on the tail or base cap area. Quality anti slip knurling design for a secure grip, the body also has a tripod socket thread (¼” standard size).

High strength heat treated aluminum body is drop tested to 1 metre, and fully weather resistant to IP68 (can be submerged 2 metres for 30 minutes).

It’s a powerful flashlight well suited for users who demand extreme performance, or for search and rescue operations where a combination of power/range and flood are required.

Lumintop GT3 PRO  Key Features

> 3 x  Cree XHP70.2 LEDs with a Turbo output of 27000 lumens (range 707 metres) 125000cd
> Choice of cool or neutral white emitters
> Run time up to 25 days (6 lumens)
> 3 Strobe modes, normal strobe, SOS, beacon
> Ramping UI lets you pick the power level  you want
> Size: 155mm x 70mm x 60mm (length/head/tube), weight 610g (1.34lbs)
> Takes 4 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries (available separately)
> Type C charging port, with fast charging and power bank function
> Smart LCD display shows battery % and charge/discharge plus Volts/Amps
> Stainless steel clip bezel and lanyard ring
> ¼” Tripod socket
> Backlit side switch with power level indicator, and lock-out function
> Tough aluminum alloy body, drop tested to 1 metres, IP68 water submersion for 30 minutes/2 metres. Fully dust protected

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