Lumintop Launches Mach 26000 Lumens Auto Fan Cooled Flashlight

Lumintop Launches Mach 26000 Lumens Auto Fan Cooled Flashlight

This powerful new flashlight from Lumintop have a huge output of 26000 lumens in a relatively compact body. Thanks to the ability to use fan cooling built into the flashlight, this can extend the run time in higher output modes and improve heat management.

Powered via 3 x 21700 rechargeable batteries (button high drain cells recommended), the tail also has an integrated LCD display, showing power remaining in %, and voltage/current for charging, and discharging, as this model also has a Type A port in addition to the built in Type C.

The body design has deep grooves in the head area to improve thermal heat dissipation. And features a standard ¼” thread for attaching to a tripod, or screw in a D ring and loop a lanyard/strap through it.

Lumintop have tested the Mach 8 to IP68 water and dust protection, for submersion for up to 2 metres, and drop tested to 1 metre.

Using high grade anodized aluminum body which is resistant to marks and ensures a long durability. Despite the massive power output, this is quite a portable unit, with a size of 153mm x 68mm x 51mm (length x head diameter x body diameter), and a weight of 510g (no batteries).

A powerful beam of 26000 lumens, with a range of 520m and built in power bank

There is no question the 8 x Cree XHP50.2 LEDs providing the 26000 lumens is an impressive output, yet it can also reach over 500 metres too in Turbo mode, giving you a combination of wide flood and some respectable range. A candela of 67500cd combined with the specially designed reflector, this has fine texturing to give a smoother and more efficient output.

Multiple power levels are available right down to moonlight mode (1 lumen), with multiple higher levels such as High 1 (2500 lumens), High 2 (8000 lumens). With 3 strobe modes present a normal strobe, SOS and beacon.

Charging the 3 x 21700 batteries is well catered for, with support for Quick charge protocols (QC 2.0, 3.0, 3+) and PD (power delivery) PD 2.0/3.0, this gives higher voltages and amps as required (up to 4A) for rapid charging.

Using this flashlight as a power bank also supports the faster charging, and the Type C port is available for the power bank and charging, or if you require a Type A port is built in too, giving maximum compatibility with many devices.

It’s easy to keep track of the power levels and voltages/amps input or output thanks to the built in LCD display on the tail. A button lets you cycle the various display modes.

The built in fan can provide improved run times at higher levels due to more cooling, it has a number of modes where you can turn it off/on, or it will automatically come on when required.

Single Switch UI with shortcuts and ramping modes

Lumintop have a well places large side switch which is also backlit. The UI and functions are logical and simple to pick up. Which multiple clicks for battery check, lock-out modes, fan, and the back light can be turned on or off.

A ramping UI lets you pick the required output quickly (with memory), and shortcuts to moonlight/strobe/high modes and turbo. Fast and simple it won’t take long to get used to using the Mach 8.

Rugged build is important, with deep grooves for heat management, a strong tempered glass anti reflective glass cover, aircraft grade aluminum alloy (type III HA finish), it’s drop proof to 1 metre and IP68 tested to 2 meters water submersion (for 30 minutes). This powerful flashlight is built to last and comes with the best quality materials you would expect for a premium product.

Yet it is small enough to be carried around without being a burden. Thanks to the fan cooling you can also enjoy improved performance, that many high power flashlights don't offer.

Lumintop Mach 8 Key Features

> 8 x Cree XHP50.2 LEDs for a stunning 26000 lumens output
Candela of 67500 with a range of 520 metres (Turbo)
Portable size: 153mm x 68mm x 51mm (length x head diameter x body diameter), weight of 510g (no batteries)
Powered via 3 x 21700 batteries (button top cells required)
Power bank function with 2 way Type C port (for charging too), and Type A port (output)
Built in fan with manual/auto controls for improved thermals/longer run times at higher levels
LCD display on tail cap with display button to cycle information
Over charge/discharge and thermal protections
Simple UI single backlit switch, with shortcuts and ramping mode, plus lock-out function
Supports rapid charging and Quick Charge (QC)/Power Delivery (PD) protocols for higher voltage/amps
Hardened aluminum alloy body with type III HA finishing
IP68 Weather resistance, 2 meters water submersion, dust proof and 1 metre drop tested
1/4” Thread, can be tripod mounted

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