Lumintop Launches THOR4: LEP and LED in Single Flashlight

Lumintop Launches THOR4: LEP and LED in Single Flashlight

THOR4 is a multifunction outdoor flashlight from Lumintop that combines flood light (4 LEDs) and throw light (LEP) in a single compact flashlight. Both lights can be operated individually or simultaneously, makes it ideal for any outdoor activities.

THOR4 body is made from aircraft grade aluminum with type III HA finish with anti-slip knurling so it can be used comfortably in gloves. Lumintop adopts flat tail cap style so THOR4 can be used with tail-stand position.

The flashlight is operated by side switch with lockout function and backlight, makes it easy to be found in the darkness. Turbo glow tubes on THOR4 head will add more visibility during the blackout.

To keep it safe in harsh environment, THOR4 has IP68 rating. Ideal for any outdoor conditions.


Light source 1 X White Laser Emitter, 4 X LED e.g. Cree XP-L HI
Output 2800 lumens (LED)
Distance LEP: 1170m, LED: 202m
Intensity LEP: 342000cd, LED: 10200cd (Max)
Impact resistance 1.5m
Waterproof IPX-8, underwater 2m
Power 36.5W (Max)
Battery 1 X 21700 Li-ion, max length 70.5mm (excluded)
Charging USB Type-C, max charging current 2A
Discharge USB Type-C, max discharge current 2A
Switch E-switch on the side with backlit light
Size 63.8*27.5*12mm
Net Weight ~200g (battery excluded)

The thrower part is utilizing a laser light or famously known as LEP light which stands from Laser Excited Phosphor. This LEP light can reach 1170 meters distance (280 lumens, 342000 candela) and has 5 brightness mode.

The flooder part is utilizing quad XPL-HI LEDs behind a TIR optic with maximum output of 2800 lumens that can reach 202 meters distance. Both parts are protected by a strong stainless steel bezel that will keep them safe from any possible impact.

THOR4 Technical Specifications

Intensity (Max) LED: 10200cd/ LEP: 342000cd
Distance (Max) LED: 202m/ LEP: 1170m
Impact Resistance 1m
Waterproof IP68, underwater 2m
Size 63.8 X 27.5 X 120mm (Head Ø X Tube Ø X Length)
Net Weight ~205g (battery excluded)
Light Source 1 X White Laser Emitter + 4 X LED, e.g. Cree XPL-HI LED
Power 35.6W (Max)
Battery 1 X 21700, max length 70.5mm (excluded)
Rechargeable USB Type-C, max charging current 2A
Discharge USB Type-C, max discharge current 2A
Protection Overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, reverse protection, over-heat protection, low voltage protection

THOR4 Output

Lumintop THOR4 runs on single unprotected 21700 lithium-ion battery with built-in USB C charging and also has power bank capability with max 2A output.

To keep it safe in usage, it also featuring charging indicator, over-charging protection, and over-discharge protection.

Here’s the table output for Lumintop THOR4.

Moonlight Low Med High Turbo
LED 1 75 500 1050 2800
LEP 60 70 130 220 280
Combo 60 120 330 1150 2750

THOR4 Runtime

The appropriate parameters are lab-tested by using one 21700 Li-ion battery, your result may vary due to the difference between battery and environments. The runtime on High and Turbo are accumulated due to the over-heat protection settings.

LED 40D 20H 3H 55Min 1M30S+3H40M 45S+3H 30Min
LEP 10H 8H 3H 50Min 3H40M 18M+2H 50Min
Combo 9H 6H 3H 30Min 1M30S+3H20M 45S+3H 15Min
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