Lumintop THOR4 LEP & LED USB-C Outdoor Flashlight

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The Lumintop Thor 4 is a multifunctional torch equipped with a LEP + 4x LED technology system (1x White Laser Emitter + 4 X LED, e.g. Cree XPL-HI LED). The LEP beam is a white light laser beam whose main feature is that it is extremely directional, without any loss of brightness on the spill. This means that the beam produced by the LED reaches very far: in fact it can reach a maximum distance of 1170 meters with 342000 candles. 14 LEDs instead produce a wide, flood beam capable of illuminating everything over short medium distances. Its maximum power is 2800 lumens and the maximum reachable distance is 202 meters with 10200 candles of maximum light intensity. two beams can be combined with each other to be able to illuminate simultaneously at a great distance and in the vicinity. The LEP beam has a maximum Turbo output of 280 lumens while the 4 LEDs as we said produce a beam of 2800 lumens, the combined LED + LED ignition has a maximum power of 2750 lumens. The Lumintop THOR 4 is made entirely of anodized aircraft aluminum with a hard anodized finish type I which makes this flashlight resistant to abrasion, corrosion, scratches and falls. The impact resistance is given up to 1.5 m in height while the water resistance follows the IPX8 standard and therefore submersible up to two meters deep. The maximum power is 36.5 W. The head of the Lumintop Thor 4 has deep and thick dissipation fins while the body has crossed millings that help in grip. There are also small holes on the head for adding tritium bars.

The Lumintop Thor 4 is powered by a single 21700 Li-ion rechargeable cell (not included in the package) which can have a maximum length of 70.5mm which allows you to keep the flashlight on in the lowest mode of 1 lumens for over 40 days. The output levels of the Thro 4 are divided as follows: Moonlight of 1 lumens for the LED and 60 lumens for LEP and LEP + LED, Low level of 75 lumens for LED, 70 lumens for LEP and 120 lumens for LEP + LED, Med level 500 lumens for LED, 130 lumens for LEP and 330 lumens for LED + LEP, High level from 1050 lumens for LED, 220 lumens for LEP and 1150 lumens for LEP LED, Turbo level from 2800 lumens for LED, 280 lumens for LEP and 2750 lumens for LEP LED.

The Lumintop Thor 4 features a type-C charging interface that allows you to quickly recharge the 21700 cell without having to remove it from the flashlight. The type-C port can also be used in discharge mode, therefore it is possible to use the flashlight as if it were a powerbank to recharge any USB electronic device such as smartphones and tablets. The maximum charging current of the battery is 2 Amps as well as the discharge current.

The interface management switch is located on the side of the torch head. It is electronic, not protruding and inside it has a small status LED that returns information on the battery charge status. The dimensions of the Thor 4 are 63.8 mm x 27.5 m x 12 mm while the weight is 200 grams excluding battery

    ANSI/NEMA FL1 Moonlight Low Med High Turbo
    Output LED 1 75 500 1050 2800
    LEP 60 70 130 220 280
    Combo 60 120 330 1150 2750
    Runtime LED 40D 20H 3H 55Min 1M30S+3H40M 45S+3H 30Min
    LEP 10H 8H 3H 50Min 3H40M 18M+2H 50Min
    Combo 9H 6H 3H 30Min 1M30S+3H20M 45S+3H 15Min
    Intensity (Max) LED: 10200cd/ LEP: 342000cd
    Distance (Max) LED: 202m/ LEP: 1170m
    Impact Resistance 1m
    Waterproof IP68, underwater 2m
    Light Source 1 X White Laser Emitter + 4 X LED, e.g. Cree XPL-HI LED
    Power 35.6W (Max)
    Battery 1 X 21700, max length 70.5mm (excluded)
    Size 63.8 X 27.5 X 120mm (Head Ø X Tube Ø X Length)
    Net Weight ~205g (battery excluded)