Lumintop Launches PK26 22000 lumens dual beam search flashlight

Lumintop Launches PK26 22000 lumens dual beam search flashlight

An exciting new model from Lumintop, the PK26 has a huge output of up to 22000 lumens (combo beam), but also offers the flexibility of a spotlight, and floodlight.

With the spotlight Turbo is up to 4000 lumens, floodlight can reach 20000 lumens.

Range varies from 415m (spot), 458m (flood), and 550m (combo). Users can pick from the spotlight, floodlight or combination beam profile giving you maximum choice in the beam to suit your requirements. It also features a low 1 lumen moonlight mode.

There are 5 levels in total with 3 special modes: Strobe/SOS/Beacon.Power is via 2 x 26650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, these high capacity cells have high drain and can handle the extreme power requirements of the PK26 (only button top cells work).

It’s is IP68 rated for water submersion of up to 2 metres and drop tested to 1 metre. It features a quality grade aluminum alloy body with hardened glass cover and anti reflective coatings.

The specially designed body has additional knurling for superior grip. With a size of 203mm x 67mm x 32mm (length x head x body), and a weight of 425g (excluding batteries).

Big range up to 550m, with a choice of Spot, Flood, or Combo beam profiles

Lumintop are using 1 x Cree XHP70.3 LED known for it’s longer range output, and 8 x Cree  XHP50.2 LEDs for the floodlight beam. A combination profile can combine all 9 LEDs for a mix of spread/flood and distance. With ranges up to 550 metres in the combination beam setting.

Combo also lets you hit the top headline output of 22000 lumens, with spotlight offering 4000 lumens in Turbo, and floodlight hitting 20000 lumens in the highest mode.

Run times are impressive up to 30 days (spot/flood moonlight 1 lumen mode).An additional 4 levels are also present, giving users a wide range of outputs. And with the ability to mix beam patterns and outputs. You can get the beam profile and output you need easily.

3 Special models are also include, from the standard Strobe, an SOS and Beacon – handy for signalling or emergency use.LED indicators show you which beam pattern you are using (Green flood, Blue spotlight, and Green/Blue Combo beam).

Simple UI with built in battery level check

It’s simple to operation the Lumintop with it’s well placed side switch. A single full press for On/Off, with a Push/hold action for adjust the levels (low to high).

You also have quick shortcuts to Moonlight (push/hold when turning on for 1 second), Turbo (double press when On) and a push action to change light sources, and a lock-out mode too.

They have also provide a useful battery voltage check, push the switch 5 times for a reading on the first and second digits, this gives you a clear voltage readout, so you know exactly how much power is left.

Heat dissipation is improved with the deep grooves in the head, this helps to ensure safe running of the flashlight, with the high outputs it can produce.

Lumintop are using a quality heat treated anodized aluminum body, which will last for many years service. The PK26 is rated to IPX8 (under water for 2 metres) and impact resistance of 1 metre. For such a high performance, this PK26 remains relatively affordable and will suit users looking for a versatile and powerful flashlight.


Lmintop PK26  Key features

> Powerful output, up to 22000 lumens output (combo beam) with a range of 550 metres
> Choice of Flood, Spotlight or Combination beam patterns
> Candela of 75500cd (combo beam) using  1 x Cree XHP70.3 LED, and 8 x Cree  XHP50.2 LEDs
> Takes 2 x 26650 rechargeable Li-ion cells
> 5 Power levels with 3 special modes (Strobe, SOS, Beacon)
> Size:  203mm x 67mm x 32mm, weight of 425g (no batteries)
> Run time up to 30 days (moonlight 1 lumen spot/flood)
> LED indicator with battery voltage check, and also show the beam pattern selected
> Simple UI with shortcuts to moonlight, strobe modes, turbo with lock out function
> Deep head grooves for improved thermal managment
> Quality anodized aluminum body, and anti reflective coatings on glass cover
> Drop tested to 1 metre, and IPX8 water resistance rating (2 metres submersion)

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