Lumintop PK26 22000 Lumens Dual Light Sources Searching Flashlight

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The Lumintop PK26 is a feature-packed flashlight that combines power and versatility to meet all your lighting needs. With an array of impressive specifications, this flashlight is designed to excel in various scenarios, making it a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Let's explore the remarkable features of the Lumintop PK26.

Equipped with a 1pcs XHP70 LED and 8pcs XHP50 LED, the Lumintop PK26 delivers a maximum power of 210W, ensuring an impressive intensity for your lighting tasks. The flashlight offers multiple modes, including Moonlight, Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Strobe, SOS, and Beacon, catering to a wide range of lighting requirements.

The Lumintop PK26 excels in beam intensity, with the spotlight reaching 43,000cd, the floodlight achieving 52,500cd, and the combo mode impressively attaining 75,500cd. This powerful output enables you to illuminate distant objects and cover vast areas with ease.

The flashlight is compatible with 2pcs 26650 batteries, ensuring extended runtime and enhanced performance. The use of button-top batteries, with a maximum length of 65.5cm, ensures optimal compatibility and efficiency.

Crafted with high-quality aluminum, the Lumintop PK26 is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its IP68 waterproof rating ensures that it can handle various weather conditions without compromising performance. The flashlight's net weight of 425g (excluding the battery) makes it portable and easy to carry.

The Lumintop PK26 features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The general mode allows you to cycle through Low, Medium, and High modes, while the hidden mode provides access to Moonlight, Turbo, and Blinking modes. The light source can be shifted between Spotlight, Floodlight, and Combo modes, giving you flexibility in your illumination.

The flashlight comes with a back-lit light switch, allowing you to identify the active mode. Green light indicates the floodlight is ready, blue denotes the spotlight, and both green and blue lights indicate Combo mode.

The Lumintop PK26 incorporates various safety features, including Over-discharge protection, Reverse protection, Over-heat protection, Low voltage protection, and Mode Memory. These features enhance the flashlight's longevity and user experience.

In conclusion, the Lumintop PK26 is a powerful, versatile, and reliable flashlight that proves its worth in various applications. Whether you need a reliable light source for outdoor adventures, professional tasks, or emergency situations, the Lumintop PK26 is an excellent choice to illuminate your path with confidence.


Modes: Moonlight; Low; Med, High, Turbo, Strobe/SOS/Beacon.
Intensity: Spotlight: 43000cd, Flood light: 52500cd, Combo: 75500cd
Light source: 1pcs XHP70 LED+8pcs XHP50 LED
Power: 210W
Battery: Support 2pcs 26650 battery, With Button-top , and max length 65.5cm.
Size: 67*32*203mm (Head*Tube*Length)
Net weight: 425g (Aluminum, not including battery)
Waterproof: IP68

Operation Instruction:
General mode: Low; Med, High (with memory)
Hidden mode: Moonlight, Turbo, Blinking modes (without memory)
1. ON/OFF: Fully press the switch for ON/OFF.
2. Output change: Press and hold the switch from ON will change the outputs(Low-Med-High) , Release the switch to enter the selected output level.
3. Moonlight: Press and hold the switch for 1 second from OFF.
4. Turbo: Two quick clicks from ON.
5. Blinking mode: Two clicks from Moonlight to enter strobe, another 2 clicks to change blinking modes (SOS-Beacon-Strobe)
6. Light source shifting: Push the light source switch to shift the light source(Spotlight-Floodlight-Combo)
7. Lock-out/Unlock: 4 clicks from OFF. Momentary on is available when pressing the switch.
8. Battery Check: 5 clicks the switch from OFF.
Blink 3 times then another 8 times, means 3.8V

Switch back-lit light: 7 clicks the switch from OFF to turn it ON/OFF. Green light means the floodlight is ready, blue is spotlight, green and blue is on means Combo.
Other Function:
Mode Memory; Over-discharge protection; Reverse protection; Over-heat protection; Low voltage protection;