Magicshine Monteer 12000 Lumens High Performance Wireless Control Bike Light

Magicshine Monteer 12000 Lumens High Performance Wireless Control Bike Light

This new model from Magicshine features some exciting features including the ability to control the bike light via a phone app or the wireless remote control.

Aimed at users who require a high power light, it features dual beam output with a floodlight or spotlight choice, with 4 levels for each and 2 flashing modes (day and night).

Output is up to 2500 lumens in floodlight, and up to 12000 lumens in spotlight. With a run time as high as 85 hours (floodlight Eco 300 lumens), this model has excellent endurance.

It’s powered by a high capacity battery pack (rated at 10000 mAh), it’s charged via USB C and can also works with fast charging protocols (QC and PD), with charging speeds from 5V, up to 9/12/20V and 3 amps. At the highest speed ofo 20V 3A it can charge from flat to full in just 3 hours. And also has a built in power bank function so you can charge your phone or other device.

It’s also possible to use the supplied mount for attaching it to a helmet, increasing the versatility of the light.

All the items needed for bike fitment are included, with a remote, helmet mount, shims, cables, and battery mounting straps, hex keys. And a USB C cable. The head is tool free adjustment giving you control over the light direction, but secure enough to hold it’s position even when used on a mountain bike or over rough terrain.

It’s a strong light with an aluminum alloy body, an IPX6 rating, for full dust and water protection in all types of weather.

Size of the main unit is 127mm x 104mm x 46mm, with a combined weight of 1192g (light, mount and battery pack).

10 modes with a Flood and Spot beam with 4 power levels each, up to 360m range

By using five LED’s in total (Osram KW4 and 4 x SST-70’s), this model can offer excellent lighting and is specially designed to provide a powerful beam, but one that is safe for road users too. Floodlight goes from 300 lumens up to 2500 lumens power, with 4 levels. Spotlight also has 4 power levels (with 4 lens angles) from 1000 lumens up to 120000 lumens with 2 special flashing modes a daylight and night, to improve visibility.

Wireless control is effortless via the supplied handle bar mounted remote, or using the app to control the light from your phone. And you can customise the modes and output too!

A 5 stage power level indicator is built into the main light unit, but a 3 level indicator is also on the remote, so you will very quickly be able to see how much power is left in the battery.

A well designed light unit has effective grooves on the head for superior heat reduction. And ensures a long service life.

Magicshine Monteer 12000: Key Features

> Dual beam output with up to 12000 lumens power and 360 metres range
> 10 modes, 8 power levels (4 Spot and 4 Flood), with 2 special flashing modes and 4 lens angles
> High power 10,000mAh power pack for long lasting run times (up to 121 hours, or 85 hours flood ECO 300 lumens)
> Supports QC/PD fast charging up to 20V 3A, with power bank function
> Candela up to 30,000cd with specially designed “glare free” beam output for safety
> Can be helmet mounted (with supplied clip)
> Wireless Remote control via the supplied handlebar mounted remote or via “app”, modes can be customised too.
> Size: 127mm x 104mm x 46mm, with a combined weight of 1192g (including mounts and battery pack)
> 5 level battery indicator built into the body, or 3 level one in the remote controller.
> IPX6 weather resistance dust/water sealed
> Aluminum alloy body with integrated grooves for improved heat management

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