Meet Sofirn’s SD09L 6800 Lumens Underwater Torch

Meet Sofirn’s SD09L 6800 Lumens Underwater Torch

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the super bright underwater torch from Sorfin, SD09L. It's one of the newest releases from the company, and it’s indeed a standalone. From its water resistance capability to an incredible output of 6800 lumens, the Sorfin SD09L is, without a doubt, a high performer.

Most people are unfamiliar with Sorfin because it’s a relatively new brand. Sorfin was originally an OEM supplier until 2016, when they started branding their products. So basically, it’s only the brand that is new, but their products have been in the market for a long time. Some of their other products are the Sorfin SC31 Pro (released in 2021) and the Sorfin HS20 (2022).

The SD09L is priced at $47.99 on their official website. It’s also available on other retail marketplaces and outlets. 

Robust and Durable Dive Light

As small and compact as it is, the Sorfin SD09L features a high-efficiency SST40 LED that delivers over 6800 lumens and a beam distance of 542 meters. With that kind of power and output, the flashlight can be used for cave exploration, night diving, and underwater photography. Most people probably ask themselves what makes this flashlight ideal for diving and water exploration. Well, A6061-T6 grade aluminum alloy ensures that this diving flashlight remains waterproof. It's also rated IP68, making it suitable for harsh water environments and diving. With your SD09L, you are assured of the best underwater experience. 

Long Runtime

The SD09L diving flashlight runs on two rechargeable 21700 Li-ion batteries making it economically friendly and cost-effective. On a single charge, it can run for a maximum of 20 hours on the lowest setting. So that’s even more than enough for 12 hours of daytime exploration. There’s a power indicator that reminds you it's time for charging so that you don't find yourself in accidental blackouts. So with the SD09L, you're always protected from abrupt power outages in your travels. 

Enhanced User Experience

This handled flashlight features an upgraded slot for a thicker wrist strap that is long-lasting and less likely to wear out. This added convenience makes it very difficult to break and is also an excellent choice for divers and underwater explorers alike. Weighing only 221 grams, the flashlight is easily portable, and you can carry it with you for a long time without feeling any fatigue or needing to put it down. 

A Number of Uses

With such powerful illumination, the SD09L is not only limited to underwater exploration and scuba diving. You can also use it for security operations, hiking, and camping. It's a multipurpose flashlight that offers the best experience at any given activity. 


  • SD09L has been determined to be a very powerful flashlight. Users are warned never to point it at a person, animal, or moving vehicle. Doing so could result in retinal damage. On the same note, always keep it away from children. 
  • Using the flashlight for extended periods on the high power mode will quickly heat it. 
  • Always remember to unscrew the tailcap halfway to prevent any accidental activation while on transportation.
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