Sofirn SD09L Underwater Waterproof Torch SST40 Diving Light

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The Sofirn SD09L is a high performance dive light designed to withstand the most demanding underwater environments. Equipped with three powerful SST-40 LEDs, it can deliver outstanding brightness up to 6800 lumens. This model uses two 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, allowing for a longer runtime and longer life. The flashlight features a body made of heavy-duty A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which ensures strength and durability. The tempered mineral glass lens ensures optimal protection and efficient light transmission. Thanks to its IPX8 standard water resistance, the SD09L can be used in diving up to 100 meters deep, allowing users to explore the underwater wonders with a clear and bright view. The flashlight is equipped with an enhancement driver that ensures optimal performance and stable operation. It also features a memory mode that keeps the last used brightness setting (low/medium/high/turbo) in memory. The SD09L is designed to offer additional protection with a low voltage warning function, which indicates when the battery voltage drops below 2.8V. This allows users to recharge the flashlight or replace the batteries to ensure continuous operation. In summary, the Sofirn SD09L is a powerful and reliable diving flashlight, ideal for diving enthusiasts. diving and underwater exploration. With its light performance, water resistance and long battery life, it offers a complete solution for a safe and fulfilling diving experience. The flashlight features a low standby current of ≤50uA, which helps conserve battery energy . In addition, thanks to the memory mode, the flashlight memorizes the last used brightness setting (low/medium/high/turbo), making it easier to use and allowing quick access to the desired mode. The SD09L is equipped with an enhancement driver which guarantees an optimal performance of the LEDs, offering a constant and stable brightness during use. The Sofirn SD09L is a high quality diving torch that offers high performance, resistance and reliability. With its light output, battery life and water resistance, it is an ideal companion for diving and underwater activities, enabling enthusiasts to explore and discover the wonders of the underwater world with confidence and ease.


> Emitter: 3 * SST40 LEDs
> Operating voltage: 6V-8.4V
> Battery options: 2 x 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
> Size: 48 mm × 26 mm × 251.1 mm
> Weight: 221 grams (without battery)
> Flashlight body: A6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
> Toughened mineral glass lens
> Water resistance i.a.w. IPX8
> Boost driver
> Standby Current: ≤50uA.
> Mode Memory: the light memorizes the last brightness level used. (Low/Med/High/Turbo).