New Arrival – Fenix E-SPARK Emergency Power Bank Flashlight

New Arrival – Fenix E-SPARK Emergency Power Bank Flashlight

In contemporary society, mobile phones have become a part of our body, which not only meets the needs of daily communication, but also greatly facilitates our lives: scanning code, taking buses, subways and other public transport, mobile payment, information access and so on are inseparable from mobile phones. In the process of using the mobile phone, the power of the mobile phone is running out quietly. When the reaction comes that the power of the mobile phone is in urgent need of normal operation, but there is no charger around, Fenix's new product, an emergency power bank flashlight that can be hung on the key, can just solve your urgent need.

Ultra-thin body, strong light guard

The Fenix E-SPARK is only 8mm thick, thinner than a mobile phone, safe to charge on a flat surface, and can be placed in a wallet without any sense of weight. In addition, it weighs only 37 grams (including batteries), and with the key ring and hand rope that come with the package, you can hang the E-SPARK on the key and take it with you.

Although E-SPARK is small, it can also meet the needs of night commuting: 100 lumens brightness, walking on the night shift in the dim street, or through the corner of the street with insufficient light, can easily illuminate the surrounding environment and protect the safety of night commuting; E-SPARK can last 52 hours in low-light mode, and can be used for 26 days based on 2 hours per day!

Emergency charging, compressed biscuits for mobile phones

Fenix E-SPARK has a built-in 800mAh capacity battery, which can charge about 10% -15% of the mobile phone when it is fully charged. When we go out in a hurry and forget to carry the power supply, we have to deal with the daily life scenes such as waiting for public transport to scan the code or light the code, waiting for contact and maintaining positioning. Can take out this "" mobile phone compression biscuit E-SPARK "" calmly deal with, reduce hurry and at a loss.

E-SPARK has designed a power reminder function. When you need to grasp the real-time power information of the flashlight, you can press the side switch lightly, and the indicator light will light up for 3 seconds to quickly display the remaining power, so that you can travel more safely.

Universal Type-C interface, plug and charge

The tail of Fenix E-SPARK fuselage is the male and female seat of Type-C interface, and the mark A is the female seat of Type-C interface, which charges the product itself. The label B is an extended Type-C male, which can charge most Type-C mobile phones and small digital products.

The E-SPARK rear shield is made of high-quality PC material, which is dustproof and waterproof, and can effectively protect the male and female seats of the Type-C interface at the rear. In addition, the detachable design also allows the tail shield to be installed on the head, and the shield becomes a soft mask in seconds, making the light softer.

Red light warning, guard safety

Fenix E-SPARK has red light and red flash gear, whether it is getting up in the middle of the night, reading at night, running at night, camping lighting (red light is not easy to attract mosquitoes), emergency operations, eye-catching red light can remind the surrounding crowd to ensure safety.

As a portable flashlight, E-SPARK is designed with double click locking function. Double click the side switch, the flashlight flashes twice and then enters the safety locking mode, which reduces the risk of accidental touch lighting and ensures the safety of carrying.


> White- and red-light LEDs
     > High: 100 Lumens, 3.33 hours, 98.5 ft
     > Med: 30 Lumens, 11 hours, 52.5 ft
     > Low: 5 Lumens, 52 hours, 23 ft
     > Red: 5 Lumens, 14 hours
     > Red Flashing: 5 Lumens
> Ultra-thin, lightweight body
> USB Type-C Rechargeable
> Red signal light
> Slimmer than most cell phones
> 800mAh power bank; charges a phone about 10%-15%
> Easy to use USB ports for charging and discharging
> Red light to preserve night vision, plus flashing for emergencies

> Battery level indicator
     > Solid green light: 100-85%
     > Flashing green light: 65-50%
     > Solid red light: 50-25%
     > Flashing red light: 25-1%
> Size
     > Length: 3.43 inches
     > Width: .31 inches
     > Height: 1.46 inches
     > Weight: 1.31 oz
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