Fenix E-SPARK Powerbank Keychain Flashlight

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The Fenix ​​E-SPARK is an EDC accessory that everyone should own nowadays. It is in fact both a flashlight but also an emergency power bank. Its dimensions are extremely compact, it is really very thin: length: 3.43 inches (87 mm), width: 0.31 inches (8 mm), height: 1.46 inches (7 mm) for a weight of only 1 , 31 ounces / 37 grams.

Fenix ​​E-SPARK in flashlight mode produces a beam of white light and one of red light for emergency situations and in situations in which it is necessary to report or make yourself visible.

The outputs are as follows: High: 100 lumens, 3.33 hours, 98.5 feet / 30 meters, 225 candles; Medium: 30 lumens, 11 hours, 52.5 feet / 16 meters, 64 candles; Low: 5 lumens, 52 hours, 23 feet / 7 meters, 12 candles; Red: 5 lumens, 14 hours; Flashing red: 5 lumens.

The ultra-thin and ultra-light design makes it the perfect power bank to carry, for example, inside a baby carrier or bag.

The Fenix ​​E-SPARK is powered by an internal non-removable 800 mAh cell capable of guaranteeing a maximum autonomy of 52 hours on the lowest output level. The power bank function allows you to use the internal battery to charge any type of latest generation USB device: for example, it is possible to charge a normal smartphone by about 10% 15%.

 Fenix ​​E-SPARK is equipped with two different type-C ports: one type-c badly used for the discharge function, the other USB-C female used as a charging interface.

 The Type-C port for the landfill function is always available and ready for use, just remove the cover that covers it and connect it directly to the mobile phone. You don't need to have the USB-C cable with you to charge your smartphone. This solution is really clever.

On the opposite side of the charging interface there are the two LED emitters.

The interface management switch is on the side and allows access to the different functions of the two LEDs. With a double click on the switch it is also possible to electronically lock the interface to avoid accidental switching on of the light when the E-SPARK is for example inside a bag, a pouch, a backpack or in a pocket.

The ingenious tail cap is actually a diffuser. It is used to protect the USB interfaces, it is made of resistant PC material and when it is placed above the LEDs it acts as a diffuser to have a totally diffused light as if it were a lantern. On the switch there is also a status LED that lights up differently according to the residual capacity of the cell: constant green light means charge is between 100% and 85%, green flashing light means that the charge is between 85% % and 50%, steady red light 50% 25% while flashing red light means cell capacity below 25%.

Water resistance is IP24 while impact resistance is guaranteed up to 1 meter in height.

The package includes, in addition to the fenix E-SPARK, also a key ring, a lanyard, a type-C charging cable, a user manual and the warranty card.