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NEXTORCH E52C 3000 lumens Compact EDC Flashlight

The new E52C from NEXTORCH is a compact every day carry style high output flashlight. A size of just 153mm x 30mm x 27mm, and a weight of 130g (minus battery), means this can easily be slipped into a pocket or jacket: yet the high output LED can hit an impressive 3000 lumens, and offer a wide angle beam with a range of up to 210 metres.

A high performance rechargeable 21700 battery, has a capacity of 4800mAh. It can last up to 65 hours at the lowest setting. A built in type C charging port for fast charging.

fast charging

U shaped tail switch is metal, and offers a simple solution to operating the E52C flashlight. As expected from NEXTORCH, a quality type III heat treated hard aluminum finish resists marks and scrapes. It has been tested to IPX8 water resistance, and 2 metres impact.

A blazing 3000 lumens with 3 power levels and a strobe mode

Despite being a relatively compact flashlight, using the CREE XHP50B LED, the E52C has a maximum output of an impressive 3000 lumens at the high mode. This level is a wider beam spread, yet can still hit 210 metres. A medium output is offered at 550 lumens (100 metres range), and the lowest level of 30 lumens (25 metres range), ideal for closer up tasks with a lower level of light output. The strobe also reaches 3000 lumens, making it easy to dazzle anyone who is in unwanted close contact.

Type C charging port is covered via a screw down/rotating design of the head. This eliminates the problem of damaging or losing the port cover. A 4 stage battery indicator in steps of 25% each level, clearly shows how much capacity is left in the 21700 cell. A Red LED shows when charging, with a Blue one when the battery is fully charged.

Simple, classic U shaped design for ease of use

U shaped tail caps have long been used in many flashlights. This time though NEXTORCH have gone a step further with a metal switch made out of the same Type III hardened aluminium as the main body. The U shape makes it easy to find the switch even in complete darkness, often a problem with side switch flashlights.

U shaped tail caps

A concise, yet easy to pick up user interface is made possible using this single switch. A long press turns on the flashlight in the highest output, with short presses for switching between the 3 power levels this model offers when turned On. A double tap lets you access the rapid strobe, and unlike some strobe modes, the E52C has a variable frequency – this makes the strobe more effective in distracting an unwanted subject.

The E52C is comes with a metal clip to attach to a backpack, or jacket/pockets. It is also compatible with the FR-2 Tactical Ring. This has a larger design making it easier and more secure to hold, particularly with gloves on, giving plenty of grip makes activating the tail switch more effective.

This model is also compatible with optional quick draw holsters, the V51 and V61

NEXTORCH E52C Key Features

  • Compact size, ideal EDC pocket carry (153mm x 30mm x 27mm) with a weigh of 130g
  • Wide beam output, 3 power levels with a maximum output of 3000 lumens and 210 metres throw
  • High output 3000 lumen variable frequency strobe mode
  • IPX8 water resistance with a drop proof rating of 2 metres
  • Type III heat treated hard aluminum
  • Single metal tail cap switch, with U shape – Simple operation
  • Type C charging port, with twist head which covers the port
  • High capacity 4800mAh 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 65 hours run time
  • 4 levels of battery indicator via the LED’s on the body
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