NITECOR ALL-New NU25/NU25 UL Lightweight Headlights Online

NITECOR ALL-New NU25/NU25 UL Lightweight Headlights Online

NU25/NU25 UL, all-new product of NITECORE NU series, is launched! The new headlamp is designed in all aspects of brightness, lighting comfort, interface and ease of operation, providing users with lighter and more comprehensive headlamp solutions.

NU25/NU25 UL is a three-light source lighting design, in which the spotlight and floodlight are the main light level, with a maximum brightness output of 400 lumens when the two lights are turned on together, taking into account both long-range and floodlight lighting, which is more handy when running at night and finding the way. NU25 uses an integrated bright optical lens with an optical efficiency of more than 94%. Compared with other ordinary lens headlamps, the edge transition of the spot is soft and the light effect is clearer.

The NU25 weighs only 56 grams and the NU25 UL is as light as 45 grams. In order to improve the performance of the headlamp while reducing the weight, both use lightweight PC materials and hollow brackets, while on the headlamp belt, different schemes are adopted.

NU25 uses a dual-purpose lightweight sports headband, which breaks the traditional headlight band design. It not only has the ability of sweat guide, reflection and night light, but also has a unique combined design to reduce the overall weight. It can be used as a sweat guide headband during the day. To further reduce weight, the NU25 UL is equipped with lightweight compact headlight strips, lightweight woven structure, and reflective and luminous capabilities.

NU25/NU25 UL has a built-in 650 mAh large-capacity polymer battery, which supports USB-C input and can be recharged. Its full life cycle is equivalent to more than 900 AAA batteries. In terms of ease of use, NU25/NU25 UL can be operated by one hand, quickly control lighting and check the remaining power, and support electronic locking function to prevent accidental touch. In terms of protection, it has IP66 and 1 meter anti-drop capability to cope with complex and changeable outdoor environment. For more information, please click: NU25, NU25 UL
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