NITECORE HA11 - Dual Beam AA Headlamp With Half The Weight of an Egg

NITECORE HA11 - Dual Beam AA Headlamp With Half The Weight of an Egg

NITECORE has once again given its users another reason to smile. The renowned manufacturer of high-quality lighting products has introduced another ultralight-weight headlamp — the HA11. The HA11 is a unique addition to NITECORE's line of high-quality products, capable of delivering an incredible 240 lumens. One outstanding feature of the HA11 is its weight. The flashlight weighs approximately 36 grams, which is half the weight of an egg; including the bracket and headband. 

The body is constructed using special PC plastic with impact and low-temperature resistance, which enables you to wear it for a long time without feeling any weight or the hurdle of carrying an extra device on your body. The use of a unibody optical lens system allows the flashlight to deliver an incredible 240 lumens, which can help you find your way in the dark. It's particularly suitable for security operations and adventures in unfamiliar places. Then it delivers a maximum throw of 90 meters, achieving excellent performance in a compact size. 

Multipurpose Clip and a Lightweight Headband

The flashlight features a multipurpose clip and a lightweight headband. The headband has been specially designed with reflective and glow-in-the-dark features. This makes it suitable to alert pedestrians and vehicles on the road, thus guarding your safety and those of other road users at night. 

The clip also serves a variety of purposes. The curved and 360° rotatable clip can easily be attached to the backpack webbing, and it even serves more and more purposes when used with the 90° adjustable bracket. Apart from the backpack, it can be attached to the cap brim, on a tactical vest, on a strap, and even on a sling bag using the clip. 

Alkaline AA Battery and Intelligent Voltage Regulation

The flashlight operates on an alkaline battery with a maximum run time of 40 hours on the ultra-low setting (6 lumens), while on the low setting (60 lumens), it can operate for a maximum of 10 hours. The battery is economical and easily accessible from most stores worldwide, so you can easily replace it. 

The intelligent voltage system is designed with a wide voltage range, so it's compatible with various AA batteries, such as alkaline, Ni-MH, and lithium batteries

Dual Button Interface

The HA11 features a dual-button interface — a mode button and a power button. The two buttons have been designed differently in shape and touch, allowing one one-handed operation. So the power button switches the flashlight on and off while the mode button helps switch light sources. The flashlight can also be turned to the lockout mode. In the lockout mode, neither of the buttons can turn on the flashlight. This prevents accidental activation of the flashlight, which would result in power wastage during storage. 

Impact Resistant and Waterproof

The flashlight, apart from being compact and lightweight (weighing only 36 grams), was also designed with reliability and durability in mind. It's waterproof and dustproof and is IP68 rated. It's also made using strong plastic material, which is impact resistant and can resist any forces from a distance of 1 meter. 

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