Nitecore HA11 Ultra Lightweight Dual Beam AA Headlamp

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The Nitecore HA11 is a headlamp for any occasion. Its maximum output is 240 lumens and it can reach a maximum distance of 90 m with 1600 candles. The maximum runtime is 40 hours when used on the lowest output tier. This light powered by an AA cell, a very common battery that can be purchased in any shop even in supermarkets. The Nitecore HA11 has two LED emitters: a main one with white light and an auxiliary one with red light. The dimensions are 61.5mm x 36.2mm x 28.9mm (2.42" x 1.43" x 1.14") while the weight is 36 g / 1.27 oz. This light does not have an elastic band but is installed on a string thanks to a clip multifunctional.Its weight is very low, it weighs less than half an egg, in fact this light is very comfortable to wear even for a long time and is ideal for activities such as night sports such as running and jogging.This light is made in one special polycarbonate plastic material which makes it extremely resistant to low temperatures and resistant to impacts.The headbanh is made of a reflective material increasing safety when using it on the road in the middle of traffic.It is also glow in the dark so it will shine at dark when lit and then the light is turned off. Changing the battery is really a breeze, just lift the pin that holds the body closed to access the battery compartment. A single alkaline cell to pe Allows you to keep the light on for 10 hours when using on the 60 lumens and low output level, or allows you to keep the light on for 40 hours when using on the ultra low 6 lumens output level. In addition to AA cells, the Nitecore HA11 can be used with 1.2V NI-MH AA rechargeable cells and with primary non-rechargeable lithium AA cells. Thanks to the multifunctional clip with which this light is equipped, it can be installed on backpacks and belts or caps and can be rotated on itself 360 degrees. the head can also be tilted up to 90 degrees to direct the beam of light exactly where it is needed. Interface management is entrusted entirely to two switches: Power Button which allows you to turn the light on or off and change the brightness levels and the Mode button which allows you to switch the light source from red light to the main white one. The lockout function is also available which prevents the flashlight from turning on accidentally during transport, for example inside a backpack. This light is also equipped with Ultra low standby power consumption which allows not to discharge the battery even if it is left inside the light for several months. The constant current circuit guarantees the comfortable visual experience, with an always constant light beam and without PWN. the water resistance is given by the IP66 standard while the impact resistance is up to 1 meter in height.

Max Output 240 Lumens
Max Beam Distance 90 m
Max Beam Intensity 1600 cd
Max Runtime 40 h 0 m / 1.66 d
Battery 1 × AA
Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS
Beam color White Light, Red Light
Dimensions 61.5mm x 36.2mm x 28.9mm (2.42" x 1.43" x 1.14")
Weight 36 g / 1.27 oz
Activity Outdoor/Camping, Hiking/Trekking, Trail Running, Night Running