Nitecore EDC25 Compact Wedge Style 3000 Lumens Flashlight

Nitecore EDC25 Compact Wedge Style 3000 Lumens Flashlight

The second in the series since the EDC27 was released last year, but this new model has some useful improvements to offer, including the new NiteLab LED’s for better beam efficiency and range.

At the top level of 3000 lumens,The EDC25 can now reach 300 metres distance (v the EDC27 which was 220 metres), and has a longer run time of 55 hours at 15 lumens.

The built in Li-ion polymer cell is rated to 1700mAh and is charge via the USB C port on the side of the flashlight.

The slim design is pocket, bag and jacket friendly and much slimmer than a traditional flashlight. Using a strong stainless steel clip you can attach it securely, and the clip has a gap that is wide enough for 550 Paracord use.

Chassis is carbon fibre reinforced polymer, with strong aluminum alloy heat treated for the exterior body, with an aluminum heat sink design to help dissipate heat from the flashlight. Nitecore have drop tested it to 1 metre, and it’s rated to IP54 for use in heavy rain and all types of weather.

The EDC25 retains the same small body shape, with a size of only 136.3mm x 31.4mm and a weight of just 104g with the built in battery.

Uses 2 x NiteLab Uhi 20 LEDs, for a longer range beam of 300 metres

A major update is the move to the new new NiteLab Uhu 20 LEDs, which give notably more range, and longer run times, as they have improved efficiency. 300M range is possible at the 3000 lumens output, with 5 levels in total, 4 lower ones of 1000lm, 200lm, 65lm and an ultralow of 15 lumens. Strobe is also included in this model.

LED’s are now on the front to show the level selected, and power level in the battery (both 1-4 stages, quick and easy to see how much is left in the cell.

Dual switches for rapid operation, with a two stage powerl button, full press for On/Off and half press to cycle the levels. The tactical button gives access to Strobe or Tubro, With the main power button raised, and the tactical one flat, it’s easy to feel by touch which one you are pressing. With 2 types of lock-out mode, Half for access to Tactical button, or full lock-out which prevents unwanted operation, and useful for transportation.

Nitecore EDC25 - Key Features

> Up to 3000 lumens output with a range of 300 metres
> 5 Power levels with a strobe mode
> New NiteLab Uhi 20 LEDs give longer run times and range compared to the EDC27
> USB C charging with fast charging (2.5 hours), 4 stage battery level and power output indicators
> Built in 1700mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery
> Tactical and Dual stage power switch with half and full lock-out modes
> Stainless steel clip, 550 Paracord compatible
> Quick access to Strobe/Turbo, quick UI
> Run time up to 55 hours (15 lumens mode)
> Slimline wedge shape: 136.3mm x 31.4mm and a weight of 104g
> Aluminum alloy body, Carbon reinforced polymer chassis, with heatsink for improved thermals
> IP54 water proof, drop tested to 1 metre

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