USB-C charging! NITECORE NU05 V2 Lightweight Headlamp is officially released!

USB-C charging! NITECORE NU05 V2 Lightweight Headlamp is officially released!

NITECORE NU05 V2 USB-C headlamp companion, a new member of the Knight Cole NU family, was launched. The upgraded NU05 V2 not only greatly improves the basic performance of the product, but also improves the night safety in an all-round way. The arrival of USB-C port also makes the charging experience more convenient.

As a headlamp companion, NITECORE NU05 V2 can be directly hung on the headlamp belt or the rear of the helmet, and can also be hung on the wristband, backpack woven belt and bicycle pole to prompt the vehicles or pedestrians coming from the rear in the form of flashing, so as to improve the safety of night activities. NU05 V2 is equipped with red and white dual light sources, using four high-performance LEDs, with four special function modes of indicator light slow flash, red light warning slow flash, red light warning flash and white light warning slow flash. If necessary, a separate 40-stream white light illumination can be turned on.

In terms of charging and endurance, NITECORE NU05 V2 interface is upgraded to USB-C, without distinguishing between front and back, plug and play, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the longest endurance is 47 hours, which is 135% higher than the previous generation, and the single use time is longer.

NITECORE NU05 V2 is small and light, weighing only 11.1 grams. It is made of PC material, durable, 1 meter anti-fall and IP66 protection grade. It is not afraid of the complex and changeable outdoor use environment. For more information, please click: NITECORE NU05 V2.


> LED:4x High Performance LED
> Maximum Brightness:40 lumen
> Peak Beam Distance:15 yards
> Peak Beam Intensity:200 cd
> IP Rating:IP66
> Impact Resistance:1 m
> Dimensions :L-1.17"xW-1.16"xH-0.65"
> Weight:0.39oz

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