Olight Arkfeld Pro 1300 lumens flashlight with UV and laser light

Olight Arkfeld Pro 1300 lumens flashlight with UV and laser light

New addition to the every growing Arkfeld range, this model from Olight has a number of enhancements, including a higher output on the main LED and larger battery capacity. Available in 3 colors, including Black, Orange and a limited edition Zombie Green.

Main LED has 5 brightness levels and the top output of 1300 lumens is an improvement on the previous Arkfeld (which was 1000 lumens), with 4 lower levels including an ultra low moonlight mode (1 lumen), extended run times are possible up to 11 days (1lm mode). A strobe is also present for the main LED.

Beam can reach a respectable 102 metres distance, and users have a choice of cool or neutral white LEDs.

A 365nm UV is built into the flashlight, perfect for finding liquids, dust and other forensic uses. And the power has been increased by 55%. A green beam pointer is useful for presentations or highlighting specific areas.

A built in Li-ion polymer battery has a large 1500mAh capacity, It’s charged using Olight’s MCC (magnetic charging cable), just plug into a USB port and the battery can charge to full in around 2.5 hours.

A high quality single piece of aero grade aluminum alloy is used in the construction, which is heat treated for additional surface strength and damage resistance. Olight have rated it to IPX7 for water resistance, and it has been drop tested to a height of 1 metre. The body has grooves on the side to help ensure a film grip even if wet.

Size is very compact and slim, perfect for an EDC carry or even a work bag: 120mm x 27mm x 16mm (length x width x height) and a weight of 111g (with the battery).

Triple output, LED, UV and Laser, with 5 power levels on the main LED

Thanks to the high performance main LED, the Arkfeld Pro has improved performance with a powerful 1300 lumens beam. But you also have a choice of 4 more levels ranging from 420lm, 100lm, 15lm, and monlight of just 1 lumen. This lets you use the light in various scenarios, for longer or closer distances.

Available with a choice of Cool White (5700-6700K) or Neutral White (4000-5000K), users can pick which one suits them best.

The UV flashlight is a powerful 365nm which can not only find dust and dirt/liquids or stains, but also be useful for anti bacterial disinfection. A handy green point is built in too.

UI is made very simple with the dial and switch mechanism, it’s very easy to find and rotate it to the desired mode (UV, Laser, White Light), just by rotating the dial left or right. The middle switch controls the output/levels and it also features a lock-out and timer mode too.

5 stage battery level indicator is just below the switch, showing users the remaining battery capacity. (1-4 lights green and one red for critical battery).

Olight Arkfeld Pro: Key Features

> 3 lights in 1, White LED, UV and Laser pointer
> Main LED has a choice of Cool or Neutral White LEDs
> White Light power levels in 5 steps, 1 lumen up to a highest level of 1300 lumens (102 metres range)
> High capacity Li-ion battery with magnetic charging (MCC)
> Run time up to 11 days (1 lumen mode)
> Slim Size: 120mm x 27mm x 16mm (length x width x height) weight 111g
> 5 stage battery level indicator
> Simple UI with rotary and central switch, with Lock-out function
> IPX7 weather resistance, drop tested to 1 metre
> High grade single piece aluminum alloy body with side grooves for extra grip/comfort

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