Olight Arkfeld Pro Flat 3 in 1 EDC Flashlight

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Introducing the Olight Arkfeld Pro Flat 3-in-1 EDC Flashlight, a remarkable lighting tool that combines white light, UV, and green laser in one sleek and versatile package. This innovative flashlight is designed to cater to a wide range of applications, from everyday tasks to professional use cases, all in a compact and convenient form factor. The Arkfeld Pro Flat stands out with its three-in-one functionality, offering you a broad spectrum of lighting options in a single flashlight. This makes it a highly adaptable tool for various tasks and situations. Whether you need a powerful white light, a high-powered UV light, or a green laser pointer, this flashlight has you covered. The ability to switch between these modes seamlessly is what sets this EDC flashlight apart. The white light mode of the Arkfeld Pro Flat is designed for exceptional illumination. It delivers an impressive maximum brightness of 1300 lumens, ensuring that you have a powerful and reliable light source at your disposal. This level of brightness makes it suitable for a wide array of applications, from lighting up your surroundings in the dark to professional use cases that demand a high-quality light source. One of the standout features of the Arkfeld Pro Flat is its enhanced UV mode. With a high-power output of up to 900mW at a 365nm wavelength, this flashlight provides a purer and more professional UV light experience compared to standard 395nm UV lights. This is particularly valuable in applications like counterfeit bill detection, forensics, and various tasks that require the detection of UV-reactive materials. Operating the Arkfeld Pro Flat is straightforward and user-friendly. It features an intuitive circular selector that allows you to easily switch between the three lighting modes. This convenience ensures that you can quickly adapt to different lighting needs without the hassle of complex controls. Whether you need the white light, UV, or green laser, the Arkfeld Pro Flat offers a seamless experience for effortless operation. The design of the Arkfeld Pro Flat is both exquisite and unique. Its sleek and flat body design adds an element of elegance and modern aesthetics. Additionally, the brand-new anti-slip design enhances grip comfort, ensuring an enjoyable user experience. This thoughtful design not only makes the flashlight visually appealing but also enhances its functionality, ensuring that it's comfortable and secure to hold, even in challenging situations. To keep you informed about the available power, the Arkfeld Pro Flat includes a five-level battery indicator. This feature is incredibly useful for monitoring battery status, ensuring that you're aware of the remaining power. With this indicator, you can plan your usage and avoid any unexpected power shortages during critical tasks. The Arkfeld Pro Flat delivers robust performance in a compact package. With a built-in 1500mAh lithium polymer battery, it offers a maximum runtime of 11 days, making it suitable for extended use without frequent recharging. The flashlight boasts a maximum throw distance of 102 meters and a maximum light intensity of 2,608 candela, ensuring that you have the reach and brightness you need. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, the Arkfeld Pro Flat can withstand the rigors of daily use. It's designed to be tough, with the ability to endure a 1-meter drop without suffering any significant damage. Additionally, the flashlight is rated as IPX7 waterproof, meaning it can handle being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for a specific duration. This level of protection ensures that the Arkfeld Pro Flat can function reliably in various environments and weather conditions. The Arkfeld Pro Flat offers two green laser options to suit your specific requirements: Class 1: This option is commonly used in daily life and is ideal for activities such as classroom teaching, conference demonstrations, product displays, museum/exhibition guidance, hiking, and field surveys. It accurately displays long-distance objects without posing a risk to human eyes. Class 3R: If you need to display an indicator on an LED electronic screen or require a higher visibility green laser, the Class 3R option is suitable. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and avoid directing the laser towards human eyes when using this higher power option. The Arkfeld Pro Flat boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for everyday carry and use. With dimensions of approximately 110mm in length, 25mm in width, and 15mm in height, it's easy to handle and store. The weight of 87g, which includes the battery and pocket clip, ensures that you won't be burdened by a heavy or bulky flashlight.

In summary, the Olight Arkfeld Pro Flat 3-in-1 EDC Flashlight is a versatile and powerful lighting tool that offers a remarkable combination of white light, UV, and green laser in one compact package. Its intuitive operation, sleek design, and enhanced UV performance make it a valuable addition to your everyday carry or professional toolset. 

MAX OUTPUT: 1,300 lumens
Battery: Built-in 1500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
MAX RUNTIME: 11 days
MAX THROW: 102 meters
LIGHT SOURCE: White light: OSRAM P9 (CW: 5700-6700K; NW:4000-5000K); UV LED: LUMINUS SST-10-UV 365~370nm; Green Laser;
DIMENSIONS: Length: 4.33in/110mm
Width: 0.98in/25mm
Height: 0.59in/15mm
WEIGHT: 3.07oz/87g ( Battery Included)
BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy
There are two green laser options
Turbo 1,300~420 lumens
Run time Turbo 4 + 126 minutes
High 420~100 lumens
Run time High 135 + 12 minutes
Med 100 lumens
Run time Med 9 hours 45 minutes
Low 15 lumens
Run time Low 55 hours
Moon 1 lumen
Run time Moon 11 days
Strobe Yes